Update 24th October 2011

What a little beauty of a weekend we had and to top it off the hot weather has stuck around for us today to kick off the week. Did you get out there? Did you feel it? Get amongst it!

Bondi wasn't really doing it this morning, only weak dribs and drabs hitting the shoreline. You're better off heading over to Maroubra where it should be getting most of this NE wind swell. The water is sensational and will be perfect for a cool-off after a bake-off. I'm heading straight back down to the beach for a well deserved day off. May even go for a snorkel at Thomo's. It's going to be that kind of day! Don't forget your sunscreen!

Have a cracker – Brad

Update 21st October 2011

We're coming at you from Manly today and wasn't it a great start to what will pan out to be warm one – For this time of year anyway! There are still waves hanging in there and Manly had a couple of really fun 3 footers rolling through. Worth the drive today for sure, if your lucky to have the day off, as it's sucking that swell in from the ESE. The NE sea breezes will kick in again and today we'll hit a top temp of 27 degrees.

I have to say that I found Manly to have a very friendly vibe. I met a lady named Sue who just so turned out to be the production manager for National Geographic. Wow, what a fantastic job that would be! It was a pleasure to meet you this morning Sue. Days like this make me want to jump in the car more often and bring you some reports from different locations. I'll try and do that every now and then. 

The gallery is open today and on the weekend at 145C Macpherson St, Bronte Top Shops. Don't forget to call in after your Iggy's bread fix.

Have a good weekend – Brad

Update 20th October 2011

This weather is incredible! Not a cloud in the sky at first light and a waxing gibbous moon perched high above. There wasn’t any need for anything warmer than a t-shirt, even at 5:30am. The waves weren’t amazing due to such a low tide but there were plenty of surfers out enjoying the 3 foot ESE swell and the still wind conditions on offer.

I called in to say hello to Bronte Lifeguards – Aza and Mouse. They had just set up the beach and were starting their long day by staring into the sun, making sure no stupid early morning swimmers got them selves in trouble. Everyone should count their blessings that we have such efficient water men on duty these days. It wasn’t always the case in decades gone by.

I just passed up a shoot last weekend in Western Australia, with Mark Mathews and a few of his crazy mates. Unfortunately, other work commitments intervened. I wish I could have been there as it looked pretty exiting. Check out the footage shot by Tim Bonython and see what you think. You can leave comments on the bottom of the page if you view this on our website.

Have a lovely day! – Billy

Update 19th October 2011

If you were fortunate enough to be up and at it this morning I can bet that you have one big smile on your dial. What a morning! There is a 3 ft south swell in the water and perfect conditions. I couldn't resist a swim with the camera at Bondi and Sam Mc from STAB MAG turned it on boosting one for the lens on the right in the south corner. They were few and far between though and the rest of the beach was closing out most of the time. I suspect that once the water fills in a bit later, that it could turn on. Winds will shift to the NE as the day rolls on and the air temp is forecast to hit 22, however something tells me it will be hotter than that. No excuses get out there.

The Rip Curl Pro in Portugal has finished. They ran through all the heats and Adriano De Souza was victorious over 10 x World Champion Kelly Slater. De Souza moves into 3rd while Slater only needs a 9th place or better in the next comp to take the world title for the 11th time.

The gallery is open till 5 pm today. 145C Macpherson St Bronte. Swing by and have a good look through our stock for Xmas. Lots of new goodies! – Have a cracker day!  Brad

Update 18th October 2011

That nasty, howling southeast wind has disappeared, replaced by a nice clean off shore. That was on sunrise, anyway. It has already swung back to the ESE but it's still a much nicer looking ocean than yesterday, with some good waves at all of the beaches. There were loads of blueys piled along the shore but none were out in the lineup this morning.

Bondi has some over-head sets and with a lunch time high tide, I would say this will be the spot for a surf if you are keen to get wet.

It has been great sitting down to dinner the last couple of nights and watching pro surfers getting barreled off their head at Supertubes in Portugal, courtesy of Fuel TV on the big screen. My wife hasn't been too impressed but like the footy, I tell her "It's not forever Dear," ha ha!

Have a good one!

Bill Morris