Update 15th December 2011

It was raining lightly when I rose before light this morning. However, there were holes in the clouds where the deep blue, pre dawn sky showed through. By the time I made it to the beach, those holes were ever increasing in size until the sun finally breached the horizon and the colour switched from grey to gold in an instant.

The wind has backed off but the swell is still quite solid, if a little lumpy from the few days of on shore winds. Not many places handling on the lower tide and Bronte looked the pick. The dozen surfers sitting in the lineup were struggling to find a good one and the occasional big set caught a few of them out, leaving a trail of tomb stoning boards in the white water trail.

Tomorrow should back off a little in size with light winds out of the south before a stronger ground swell arrives for Saturday. The winds won’t swing back to the north before Sunday so maybe look for protected south corners. Bronte will probably be the best option again around here.

Have a good one!


Update 14th December 2011

Cool conditions once again as the beaches continue to be hammered by this southerly wind. At least the swell has picked up. It isn't pretty but its solid and there should be some decent size peaks around as the tide fills in during the day.

I ventured over to The Bra this morning and found Mark Mathews out alone at north end. He was jagging the odd left punt into the strong cross shore wind and hacking up some bumpy rights. At the same time, his big wave partner in crime, Richie Vas had his ipod plugged in while churning out laps of the soft sand to south end and back. The boys aren't sleeping, jet lagged from a whirlwind tour of Europe and South Africa showing their Fighting Fear movie. Three weeks of doing nothing but eating and drinking can take the edge off and when the next big swell could pop up tomorrow, there is no time to waste in getting back to the peak fitness required for the crazy antics these guys excel at.

I will be back tomorrow with hopefully some better news on conditions. In the mean time, if you plan on Xmas shopping, please consider visiting our online store, or come over to our Bronte gallery. We have framed prints and beautiful acrylic blocks which would make a very special gift for someone.

Have great day!


Update 12th December 2011

It's been a long tedious journey across the middle of Australia, but we've finally made it. I thought that driving to Perth would be a straight forward trip, however it's quite the opposite. Hot weather always seems to make little problems escalate into drama. We had two blow outs on the trailer that nearly sent us into the passing road trains. This in itself was enough to make my 12 yr old nephew who I took on the road re think his decision to join me. I'll be in Perth over the festive season working the other job. So look out for the updates from sunny but most of the time windy WA.

Don't bother looking for a wave today. I can see the conditions on the Coastalwatch cam. It looks dismal. Get on with work and be happy your not missing anything.

Have a great day – Brad

Update 7th December 2011

Ahh! The smell of pinus radiate in the air as you make your way past the Bondi Road Fruitologist on your way to the beach. The freshly cut Xmas trees that sit perched along the wall in Watson Street give off a sweet smell which immediately brings back childhood memories of being sent up the street by my parents to pick out one of the thick, prickly green bushes for the festive season. With pine needles sticking in my ears and scratching my shoulder, neck and face, I would struggle to lug the 10 foot dying monster 200 meters back to the house. There is nothing like the smell of Xmas.

The finals of the Miss Bondi 2011 were held at The Beach Road Hotel last Sunday and even though I’m sure not many of you blokes would be interested in looking at a bunch of beautiful, scantly clad girls in bikinis prancing around, I’m hoping you might click and take a look at the fine photography skills of local shooter Bill Kriketos.

I saw one of the best barrels I’ve seen in a while at Tama this morning. Only one wave though and there was no one out there to take it! Definitely worth having a surf today, it looks the best it’s been for a while.

Have a good one!


Update 6th December 2011

I was struggling to stay warm in my thick hoody while sitting on the waters edge early this morning. It was eleven degrees and it has felt more like the end of autumn than the beginning of summer. If this week keeps it up, or should I say – down, we will break a 50 year record for the coldest start to summer.

Besides the cold and rain, the southerly wind has given us a little swell to compensate. It’s not that clean but the early off shore has helped smooth out the lumps a little. It was definitely worth a pre work splash and if you made the effort, I’m sure your day is feeling all the better for it. It always does for some reason. It’s all in the endorphins I hear.

Well, it is my turn to get wet, so have a great day everyone and I will back for my last report of the week tomorrow. Brad is back on Thursday with something a little different for you guys. So stay tuned.

Sorry for the late update. The server didn't want to play this morning. I think it was too cold for it to get out of sleep mode! Have a great day!