Update 23rd January 2012

Hooley Dooley! That wind sure was blowing in hard from the ESE this morning making a mess of our beaches. Honestly it looks like a dog's breakfast out there and there were only a handful of takers on the middle bank at Bondi. Get used to it because it looks like we have a week of onshore conditions. The upside is that we'll at least have waves all week. 

Bronte and Bondi boardriders went up against each other in the final of the NSW Jim Beam Surf Tag final yesterday at North Narrabeen. Bronte emerged as the victors in a close fought battle and are this years state champs. Read all about it from Beast reporter Duncan Horsecroft.

Have a good start to the week – Brad

Update 20th January 2012

Good morning! And it was really nice out there early but seems to be clouding over in a hurry right now. Anyway, it’s Friday so things always look a little brighter at this stage of the week.

Not many waves to speak of today, with that nice little run of east swell finally disappearing on us. We may get a little swell pulse Sunday and Monday by the look of things. The southerly air stream that has moved in will be with us until mid next week. This will mean cooler temperatures and sloppy wave conditions.

There are a few left over bluebottles floating around this morning, mainly leftover from those nor easterlies we had the last few days, so keep your eyes peeled.

Today’s opening image of this mornings beautiful sunrise over Clovelly pool was taken by16 year old Jethro James from Clovelly. Jethro is one of many aspiring young local shooters and he also has a passion for water photography and we like to hear that. Thanks Jethro, great shot!

Have a great weekend people.


Update2 19th January 2012

Well, you guys are getting spoilt today. A little miscommunication at Froth HQ with Brad and I both up early thinking it was our turn shoot. It was my turn but I wont rub it in. Anyway, instead of wasting the effort I put in, here it is! You guys are the winners with two reports to check out this morning. Lucky buggers!

It was clean and windless early and after a quick check of Bronte and Tama, it was off to the Bra again. I can’t remember the last time we shot three mornings at Maroubra in a row and with the east swell still marching in, The Bra was always going to be the biggest. It was also the best as far as quality goes too with good 3-4 foot peaks all along the beach. Plenty of crew up early, most in boardies and enjoying that warm summer water temperature. It’s about 22 degrees and as warm as it is likely to get for us here in Sydney.

For all you frothing goofy footers out there. I came across this video the other day of that crazy West African sand point on the Sketeton Coast in Angola. The place is nuts! It reminds me of a reverse Snapper or Kirra. If only we had a left like it here in Oz. I think I would move there.


Update 19th January 2012

Just a quick update today. I have to head to work – Big day ahead. There's still 3 ft of swell hanging in there. It looks like it has come around to the east more and on the high tide it was looking wobbly early. Have a look at it later when the water runs out a bit. Maroubra and Tama will again be the pick of the bunch. Winds are SE all day today. Bummer!

Today's shots are a combo of yesterday arvo and this morning. As you can see the Bronte boys were ripping it up as usual for the late session last night. So much talent in the water down there at the moment.

Have a cracker of a day. See you again next week. Billy will be with you again for tomorrow's report. – Brad

Update 18th January 2012

Maybe I'm just frothing a bit too hard. But I reckon today is the day for a wave. It didn't look like much at first light. Grey skies and annoying drizzle but after the clouds parted they revealed a jump in swell size out of the ENE. After a little scout around Bronte and Tama, that looked like they were suffering a bad case of morning sickness, I quickly decided to hit Maroubra again. So did around 50 or so other surfers with the same idea – taking full advantage of the ideal NW wind conditions. The Bra is hitting the 4 ft mark and there are some good waves to be had all the way up and down the beach. Be warned though, get in early as the wind is expected to shift to the E later. 

Gone surfing – Brad