Update 22nd February

Good morning Frothers, do we have a surprise for you! Our friends at Tracks magazine are presenting a Surf Film Night at The Bondi Open Air Cinema tonight at 8pm. And the first ten people through our gallery doors (145C Macpherson St Bronte) this morning will score themselves a free ticket for this evening's event. Featuring the premier of It's Loud It's Cool – an eclectic Indonesian montage, followed by Fighting Fear – a doco based on big wave surfer Mark Matthews & ultimate fighter Richie Vaculik, narrated by Joel Edgerton.

If you miss out on the freebies tickets are still available and can be booked HERE

The surf today looks fun. 2ft gold nuggets and the pick of the bunch is Bondi! The sun is trying to poke its head out too, so get out there and see you all at the Open Air Cinema tonight.

Cheers – Brad

Also, take a moment to think about our mates in NZ today – as it is a year on from the Christchurch earthquakes and is a daunting day for many…


Update 21st February 2012

Yet another dodgy day on the cards. Crappy waves, onshore winds and dark rain filled clouds is all that is on offer. Bondi had a handful of dudes in the south corner dodging the storm water pollution. On the sets it's hitting the 2ft mark but it's really mushy and not at all worth getting an ear ache for! Concentrate on work today!

While I was shooting I met a young lady named Toni. She had a flat car battery in the pouring rain and luckily I had a some jumper leads ready to go. I saved the day and felt like a hero or a mechanical magician for a second or two!

We have started our own FROTHERS FANTASY SURF LEAGUE. It's so easy to join! Simply visit Fantasy Surfer HERE Register your details then go to "private clubs" and find Frothers and punch in the passcode which is 2026. We will post the results and leader board after each ASP tour stop and the winner at the end of the season will get their name put on a trophy which will proudly stand forever in the Frothers Gallery! Come on jump on board!

Surf should be a bit more fun tomorrow. Have a good day – Brad

Update 20th February 2012

I had a little wonder down to Tamarama this morning and was quite surprised to see 3 feet of SE swell rolling into shore. Conditions were beautiful with light off shore winds and when the sun popped out from behind the thick cloud band on the horizon, the grayness slipped away and the morning turned to gold.

Those storms last night were radical! I wanted to go shoot some lightning flashes but the rain kept me at home. The storm water has poured heaps of debris and rubbish out into the lineup and with the early high tide pushing in, it’s pretty filthy in the water right now. Not ideal surfing and swimming conditions, unless you want to pick up an ear infection or some weird bug but things should improve when the tide moves out later.

The Aussies cleaned up at the 6 star Australian Open at Manly yesterday. Sally Fitzgibbons took the women’s title and 17 year old Matt Banting scoring both the Junior’s and Open titles! That’s some result for a young teenager to pull off in a world-class field. He beat some of the biggest names in Surfing! Good on you Matt!


Update 17th February 2012

It was another amazing summer morning this morning. That’s three in a row I think. I’m not listening to the weather forecasters anymore, because they don’t often get it right, that’s for sure!

And as for the internet swell predictors, they are in the same boat after the waves we had during the first half of the week. It was only showing really small, when it was actually three feet! Not that I’m complaining that there were waves to ride, as I would rather they be wrong in that way then the other, which is more often the case.

I had a great night catching up with a lot of old friends at The Australian Surfing Awards, held last night at The Novotel Manly Pacific. Congratulations to Ray Collins from the NSW South Coast, who won The Nikon Surf Photo of the Year Award. After the judges had whittled through close to 500 entries, I managed to get 3 images voted into the top 10 and I’m over the moon about that right now!

It’s only two feet at best out there today but the sun is blazing and the water is amazing, so I’m out there! Make the most it people, because the way this summer has unfolded, it may not last too long.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


Update 16th February 2012

It’s a beautiful morning out there. Summer hasn’t quite deserted us after all but I shouldn’t speak too soon because the forecast is not crash hot.

Some nice little waves around on first light and quite a few crew out at all the beaches enjoying the first real clean conditions for a while. Bronte had some shifty lefts and rights in the middle which the before school groms were all over, tearing up anything that came their way.

I caught young shredder Tom Gooch walking down the pathway with an old beaten up board and asked why he wasn’t riding his new shooter. He told me he has dinged it and needs a repair job before it can be surfed again. I know how he feels and sympathize with him. I had lifeguard Aaron Graham spear a hole right through my board a few days ago. It’s always good to have an old back up ready for such situations.

I’m going to the Nikon Australian Surf Photo of the Year Awards tonight at Manly. Three of my images have made the top 20, so excuse me for blowing my own trumpet but I am a little excited. Let you know how I go tomorrow. Fingers crossed!

Have a great day!