Update 23rd April 2012

Apparently Sydney copped a drenching last week, with the weather easing over the weekend, but it has come back for round two today. Maybe these pics will bring some extra warmth to your day. I'm on my last few days in Bali and this morning I had the opportunity to shoot small but fun Canggu.

I was lucky enough to be invited to drinks last night at Villa Istana, Uluwatu. I had to pick my jaw up off the ground upon arrival. If you have a lazy 2k for each night laying around then this place is for you! Unbelievable!

If you decide to escape from the miserable weather back home I recommend getting yourself one of SILathletics INCOGNITO surf shirts before you hit the tropics. We have one more of these bad boys to give away. Simply reply to this email with the INCOGNITO colour range and you could be a winner. Don't just stab in the dark – click HERE to find the correct answer. All winners will be announced in tomorrow's update, so get entering!

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Cheers – Brad

Update 19th April 2012

I love listening to the rain sometimes. It’s like a thousand little drummers busting out an endless solo on my side verandah awning. I was lagging in bed this morning, drifting in and out between dreams and reality. I knew there wouldn’t be a sunrise to capture so allowed myself a little recoup for a change, some needed rest after a couple of busy nights at the Fire Station. We always get busy when it’s wet. That’s one reason I don’t like the rain.

We have waves again! It’s around the 3-4ft mark with light northeast winds. Bondi was actually quite fun on the high tide with a few peaks off 2nd ramp and a right behind the reef. I guess in this weather, you could class the water as dirty but strangely, it didn’t smell or look it and that’s always a plus when you are swimming.

Tomorrow is going to be the day for surfing with light westerlies predicted and a kick in the period. The winds go south for Saturday, so maybe a road trip to a spot favouring the southerly would be the call. Otherwise Bronte or The Bra will be your best bet.

I found this little ‘tongue in cheek’ vimeo of WCT surfer and new Bondi resident, Matt Wilkinson, hamming it up with some mates as a rapper. He’s such a character and the few waves he rides, he rips them! Click HERE for a look.

I’ll be back tomorrow, probably with a late report, depending on where I end up shooting.



Update 18th April 2012

Yesterday we hired a huge 20m catamaran 'Aneecha' and ventured over to Nusa Lembongan, we had an unforgettable day. The weather was perfect. No swell. No wind. These conditions allowed for some of the best snorkelling I've ever done in my life. We were dropped off on the western side of Nusa Lembongan Island and drifted about 2km with the south setting current in Badung Strait- barely having to use our flippers. We had two dive masters from Bali Scuba for the day and their local knowledge and first hand experience in these waters was invaluable. Taking someone with this experience along for the day is highly recommended, as the currents can get up to 8 or so knots in the strait!

I learned a very interesting fact about the area between Bali and Nusa Lembongan yesterday. Have you ever heard about the Wallace Line? Read about it HERE. 

Ooh, I just read the weather report for home in Sydney. Not nice! Maybe a good excuse to check out your next surf trip at Perfect Wave Travel. While you're at it go to SILathletics and pick yourself up one of their stylin' surf shirts, perfect for the tropics. Remember we have another one to give away, just hit us back with the colours the surf shirt comes in, find the answer- HERE.

Bill is back with you tomorrow – From Bali, Brad!

Update 17th April 2012

Well I am glad to be in Bali today. I just saw the weather report for Sydney on the BBC World News. It looks like a wet one and crappy surf is in store for you all this morning. It looks like you should have waves tomorrow and Thursday. Until then hopefully a few of my images cheer you up – only if it is for a quick minute. 

I've been based at Canggu over the last few days and the waves have been so much fun. I've been up well before sunrise every morning surfing the right trying to get a couple in the darkness before the crowds hit it. Then in the late afternoon I've been out there with the camera taking full advantage of the vibrant colors of the setting sky. 

Today I've got a busy one ahead. We are taking a catamaran over to Nusa Lembongan for the day. I'm looking forward to getting a wave at shipwrecks and some clear water snorkelling.

A big happy b'day to my lovely Christie today! 

From Bali – Brad

Update 16th April 2012

Another start to the new working week and I have a touch of Monday-itis today. Last Friday’s euphoric state has waned a little inside of me. It’s not that I have a 9 to 5 time-slot to make , it’s just that there are no waves anymore. It’s like a lake out there right now!! Oh well, it’s back to the pool for some swimming training I guess. Surfing is such a great excuse to let your exercise routine slip a little… Or a lot!

Not much colour in the sky early this morning, until the sun started to filter through the clouds about 7am. There were just a few log riders and 3 grommets sharing the tiny, dribbling peak off 2nd ramp at Bondi. The water has also dropped a degree or two in temp, which made me wish I had thrown the full suit on instead of my thin 2mm spring suit. It was still nice to get wet before breakfast though.

So the Boys from the Tower have done it again! Last night, for the 5th year in a row, Bondi Rescue picked up the Logie for Most Popular Factual Program once more. The program, originally created and produced by local identity Ben Davies, has gone from strength to strength around the globe. Well done boys. You do a great job down at Bondi and totally deserve that No.1 spot. To check out the boys on stage, click HERE.

We have another stylin SILathletic product to give away today! To go in the running is simple. The MOD classic boardshort comes in all even and odd sizes from 30 – 38. So for all you 35s out there you'll finally find the perfect fit! If you can tell us something about the boardshort model's tats on the SILathletic page you'll go in the running, click HERE.

Have a great week. Brad will be back with some Bali action for you the next few days. I’ll be back on Thursday for more on the local scene. Pray for waves!