Update 20th July 2012

The sun rise brought its share of nice pastel colours. The swell gave Bondi some pretty playful waves, and the light offshore winds made the morning session worth waking up early for.

I saw opened shoulders, cut-backs, floatters, and even a few barrels. Playful, as I said…

Bondi sand banks were working quite well with the high tide. Bronte and Tama had bigger (odd) sets, but much less consistent. 

Right now, the winds has picked up a bit and changed to a more South direction. Conditions are not as good as they were in the morning, but there is still plenty of 2 (to 3)ft  to have fun with…

My fins are on, the wettie is ready. I am off for a paddle !

This week-end, go and get the August issue of Tracks magazine: there is a 10 page article and amazing shots from Bill Morris, documenting a big wave session with Mark Matthews and Ryan Hipwood !

Have a nice day.


Update 19th July 2012

It was all happening down at Bondi for the early bird session this morning. That same fun little bank in the south corner served up playful waist high waves. The tide was on the high side making it a little bit slow and sluggish but there were some crew out there that made it all look like easy street. 

Little Pama Davies (not so little anymore) has beefed up overnight. His voice has deepened and he's even sporting some fluff on his chin. He is now doing some man sized airs out there! On both waves that I managed to get a shot, he landed them with ease. Look out for this kid!

So, it was offshore and clean early but expect the wind to swing to the south later today. It will stay that way by the looks of things for most of the weekend and into next week. Yes there will be waves! Don't worry!

Don't forget if you order a new AH Surfboard (that's what Pama is riding in todays pics) you get a free deck grip and legrope. Just tell Andrew that Frothers sent you.

Our gallery is open today till 5pm. We have cool stuff for your walls. 145c Macpherson St Bronte.  

Gule Gule – (Turkish for goodbye) – Brad

Update 18th July 2012

What a different a day makes. Those clear blue sky's we have been blessed with lately have finally deserted us, replaced with a blanket of grey. It was thick early but seems to be breaking up as I write.

The swell is still there but inconsistent compared to yesterday. Winds are still a nice, light westerly, making for great surfing conditions. The swell is still from the south, so Bondi is easily the biggest and best for a paddle.

Do you like BMX? One of my photographer friends shot this very cool clip of pro rider, Kyle Baldock at Movie World on the Gold coast a week ago. He used a high speed Phantom camera which is worth about $150,000. Nice piece of kit if you can afford one. It's worth a look so click HERE.


Update 17th July 2012

The winter weather of late has been absolutely amazing but the waves have been barely rideable the last few days, so it was a pleasant surprise this morning, to arrive at the beach and find 3 feet of south ground swell pouring into Bondi.

Surfers began jumping from of doorways and dark corners everywhere before first light. It looked like a stealth military invasion as the dark shapes, with boards under arms, swarmed down the hill and sprinted for the waters edge. It must have taken all of 15 minutes to crowd out the lineup.

Apart from the extreme wave sharing going down, where almost every wave had at least 3 riders, the peak in the corner looked fun and there were a few nice rights and lefts further towards middle as well.

It's funny how an increase in swell can instill such excitement inside a surfer, after  only a few days of flatness and boredom. We have a term for that. It's called Frothing!


Update 16th July 2012

There's not much to report on wave wise today but wow what a cracker of a winters day we have going on in Sydney right now. 

Not all is lost. There is a tiny wave to be had at Bondi. Everywhere else is a no go. You see what swell there is out there – is coming all from the south. It's moving straight past Maroubra, Bronte and Tama and into south facing Bondi where it is hitting the waist high mark on numerous fun looking sand banks. Once again you will need your fish, twin fin or log to make the most of the conditions today. 

Enjoy the warmth – Brad