Update 21st September 2012

Today I have a little surprise for you all. A bit of slow motion colour to brighten your day before we hit the weekend. 

I have got a pretty full on day on my hands today. There was no time to shoot that left at Bondi again this morning. No time to edit and be out the door at 9.30am. So late yesterday I decided to hit the water and come up with something a little different for todays report. Something from the ocean to put a little smile on your dial for the day. I slowed the camera right down and shot for about an hour on dusk and these 7 images are the best from the bunch. Now I have never been one to push hard for sales from our gallery, but a few of these would look amazing on your wall! Don't forget xmas is coming up real quick! It just so happens we are open today and all weekend at 145c Macpherson St Bronte. 

The waves today are much the same as the rest of the week. The left at Bondi still looks fun at about 3ft

Kelly Slater won again! Defeating our Joel Parko in the Final of the Hurley Pro at Trestles. 🙁

Enjoy the weekend and todays collection of arty farty pics!


Update 20th September 2012

Non stop! That's our city, that's our town.

What is the use of being bored while life ticks by? Most of us don't even realize how fast it moves around here until an outsider puts it into perspective for you. I talked to a friend who was visiting from the country recently, he just couldn't believe the pace and asked me how I live here in Bondi. "ìt's never boring" that was all I could muster in defense.

I'm really surprised at how non-stop the surf has been lately. For this time of year that's definitely a blessing, because spring isn't usually renowned for good waves.

Only a few keen surfers scored 'the early', before a colourful sunrise kicked off the day. It wasn't long, however, before the crowd hit and the mayhem began. Drop-ins, dings and frustration transformed a peaceful lineup into the usual pre-work city session. Thoughts of visiting my friend, in his coastal country town, suddenly took on some extra appeal while I watched the kaos unfold.

Still, that's Bondi, my home town and there is no point whining about it. Get off your bum and get out there. Fight for a few yourself!

Good luck.


Update 19th September 2012

I've missed all the action over the last few days but that left hander is still rockin it in the south corner at Bondi. There was a hell of a crowd on it though and plenty of water moving through it making it really hard to be in the right spot at the the right time. 

I had a little chin wag with Robin Austin on the waters edge before he paddled out. He mentioned that he was on a 6'6 – which for todays conditions is considered to be a big board. It paid off though as he jagged most of the set waves that rolled in. Clearly out paddling and out smarting his competition.  

Wind looks like it will shift to SE during the day so it's better if you hit it now.

Have a nice day! – Brad

Update 18th September 2010

Being just 7.9 km away, Bondi is the closest beach to our city CBD. It takes 14 min by train from Bondi Junction and probably double that, these days, if you drive at peak hour.

After watching on tv, the horror of that revolting violence from that disturbing protest in the city the other day. Being down at Bondi, sitting on your board in the clear blue water, watching and catching waves with the dolphins like we did on the weekend, it strangely all still feels so far away. I only hope it always seems that way.

Those beautiful waves are still with us today. Maybe not quite as clean as Sunday but a lot nicer than yesterday and the sun is shining to boot.

What I shot this morning didn't really surpass Sunday morning, so I decided to show you a little of that instead.

I have also posted another event 'September Sessions 2 – Bondi' on our website for all the local surfers to check out. If you were surfing last Wednesday and Sunday mornings, take a look, as I may have jagged a shot of you. Click HERE for a look.

$30 12×8" prints are available at our online store or direct from our Bronte gallery.

Have a great day!


Up-date 17th September 2012

This place is called Cap Ferret, and it's about 35min drive from the famous city of Bordeaux.

This place is amazing for several reasons. First, this is the largest lagoon in Europe, with some of the strongest currents, due to the movements of the tides combined with the shallow waters, making it a challenging place to sail. This lagoon breaks a straight sandy beach of…250km ! Second, it's the perfect place to farm oysters, and besides tourism, oyster farming is the main activity in the area. The oysters farmers' villages remain (relatively) untouched, very traditional. You can sit at a table, see the oyster being taken out of the water before your eyes. Now, pop a bottle of cold white wine, and you're in for a perfect afternoon under the sun ! From your terrasse, you can admire the ''Dune du Pyla'', the highest sand dune in Europe: 110m high ! The dune keeps eating the forest on the other side: year after year, several meters of pine forest disappear in the belly of this hungry sand giant.

On the other side of the peninsula, you'll find amazing places to surf, like the ''Grand Crohot'' or ''Truc Vert''. Park the car in the forest of pines, grab your stuff and walk on the soft carpet of pine needles until you reach the sand dune. You can now hear the waves breaking. Another few minutes climbing the dune and you're there. You're at the top of the dune and discover the surf of the day. From this vantage point, you can choose your break, decide on the best bank. You're gonna be surfing yourself out. Just you and your mates. No crowds here. I've had this perfect session several times, but not this time. No swell and strong winds. I wish I could have brought to you some amazing green barrels, the same barrels Hossegor has offered at the Quiksilver Pro France several years in a row.

Until I am back, I'll keep enjoying the food, but I am looking forward to be frothing again in Australia next week ! Seeing the waves you guys have had last week made me jealous…