Update 23rd October 2012

Don't worry be happy 🙂 While the waves may not be the best today you can look forward to the wind backing off tonight which will see a big improvement for tomorrows early session. Ooh yeah! 

The fresh onshore isn't at all pleasant and I didn't last long on the sand. Quickly driving home a little deflated. In fact I think most people stayed in bed and caught up on the zzz's. Something I wish I could do every now and then especially on days like this. 

I'm feeling like you may all need a little inspiration today. Why not check this VIDEO out from our good friends at COASTALWATCHKeramas in Bali off the hook! 

See you tomorrow in the water  – Brad

Update 22nd October 2012

If there is one thing I hate about living in Bondi, it’s driving!

I remember when I got my P plates back in the less affluent 70’s (yes, I’m old) most families had just one car, there were few traffic jams and it was easy to get a park around the beaches when you wanted to go for a surf. As they say, ‘those were the days’. With Sculptures by the Sea on again for the next two weeks, those problems have only intensified. Suck it up and walk is about the only option for most.

Enough whinging because the plus side is there are still waves to surf, a little junky with this SE wind that will get stronger though out the day but it will keep the surf coming for the next couple at least, and that’s definitely ‘a plus’ for this time of year.

Did you watch the Rip Curl Pro in Portugal? It turned out to be a great event and having it streamed live to your lounge room flat screen these days is so awesome!

It was great to see Aussie, Julian Wilson take out his maiden WCT event in the dying minutes over a shattered Brazilian, Gabriel Medina who broke down into tears as the judges read out Julian’s last score. I didn’t think it was an 8 either, but that’s surfing.

Click HERE for a some words and pics.


Update 19th October 2012

Bondi was drenched in golden light this morning which made for a perfect start to the last day of the week. As per usual and especially on days like this, it was packed full of people going about their daily routine. The Icebergs pool had loads of traffic and the soft sand lane on the beach was highly congested. 

Now let's talk waves. The good news is that it is waist to chest high which translates to 2 – 3ft. No real quality though as it's all a little mumbo jumbo out there due to the early low tide. But hey –  the sun is shining, the winds are good and there are no excuses not to get wet today. Hmm Hmm – Might I add that you can expect a top temp of 29 degrees today. Perfecto! 

I guarantee this VIDEO will make you laugh today. Thanks for the J Mac. Enjoy the weekend. 


Up-date 18th October 2012

I witnessed it ! Before my own eyes !

How can I tell ?!…Well, first of all, backpackers are back. The grass patch in South Bondi is a bit of a refugee camp under the trees. Second, the beach is Fitness Central: some bikinis and board shorts shrank during winter (this is really something we should complain about: you end up Summer with a boardshort that fits perfectly well. You put it in a drawer for 6 months, and when you take it out: it has shrank ! At least 1 size !…those materials are crap…not worth the extra buck !). I also saw a shot of Brad Malyon surfing in boardies yesterday: the water must be warmer for sure. Finally, I witnessed a cockatoo-quickie this morning. And when a cockatoo says ‘’quickie’’, he means it !

I know, the light this morning could have been a hundred folds prettier, the colours in the sky a million time more vivid…and the surf less messy. This would have made it the perfect day. Today might not one of those, at least for now…but as I am typing, things are getting blue(r).

Looking at the bright side, it was 16 degrees at 5:40am when I stepped out of the house. But the cherry on the crème de la crème is that Bondi is the preferred playground for the humpbacks ! In the whale world, Bondi is THE place to be, the most fashionable location at this season…Bondi is for the whales who know what time it is !

Enjoy the day !

Update 17th September, 2012

I’m glad the Spring warmth has returned, as it’s nice to walk out the door early without looking for a hoody or jacket to pull on.

The swell is tiny and the wind is now up from the south ruining anything worth a paddle. A dozen surfers enjoyed some clean little peaks at The Bra before the wind hit around 8am. The water is still a little on the chilly side at 17.5 to 18 degrees but with a little rubber covering the body, it’s quite pleasurable out there.

Even though we have been fortunate of late as far as swell goes, we are definitely moving into the swell doldrums period. There may be a little pulse tomorrow morning so make the most of it.

Did you see the big wave paddle session at Jaws last week? It’s amazing what these guys are doing these days. Take a look HERE.