Update 23rd November 2012

It’s a much nicer day outside than yesterday. No more horrible wind to blow the dog off the chain, or mess up your hairdo as you run for the bus to work.

If you’re lucky enough to have an RDO today making your weekend an extended three day affair, lucky you! Everyone should be very pleased to know that the beach weather looks to be hanging around for the next few days as well!

We can’t have it all though and there may not be too much surf around for the die-hard’s amongst us, however, there should be something in the way of a few little summery waves more suited for a longer or wider craft to ride especially.

For all those surfers that like to dream about riding huge barrels, take a look at this little clip and ask yourself the question. Do you think you have it in you to paddle into a perfect monster like this?

It could make your life, or take it away, and that’s why the majority of us will honestly say nay! Click HERE for a look.

Have a great weekend!


Update 22nd November 2012

Amazing surf, for those who managed to paddle out yesterday ! Today is a different story…

The 25 knots and the 50 shades of grey in the sky have turned yesterday's conditions into a long distance memory.

As there was no surf anywhere, no real activity on the beach, no sun, no colors really, I decided to go and shoot on the rocks. Where the crabs live.

Imagine being woken up by big buckets of water in your face…well, today that's what those crabs must have been through. Tough life…

The most important thing to know is that tomorrow the sun is back, and the week-end is looking more than promising ! Yew !

It's almost Christmas, and anyone could use a bit of Ocean in the living room. Come and visit us at the Frothers Gallery in Bronte (145c MacPherson Street). Christie will help you out.

Remember: everyone who steps out of the Frothers Gallery with a frame can then claim having a place with Ocean view !

Bonne journee a tous !


Update 21st November 2012

After a few weeks of average conditions, the swell and wind finally got it’s act together for a beautiful morning of clean over head surf.

A new low pressure system spinning off the North Coast has flicked a beautifully groomed north east swell straight at us.

Maroubra as usual was the pick. The south end of the beach produced some nice barrels behind the reef on the early high tide, with the adjacent sandbar also sharing the load with a few grinding rights as well.

The wind is slowing strengthening and creeping around to the north east, so maybe try a smaller Bondi if you still want some clean conditions this afternoon.

Anyway, I’m out there! I will leave you with a little clip of a couple of very lucky Hawaiian pro surfer girls who have not only been blessed with talent but good looks as well. Click HERE.



Update 20th November 2012

Only the super keen were out amongst it this morning. The swell has jacked up a little and is hitting the 4 ft mark but is in a disturbed state severely effected by the south devil wind. 

The only recommendation for today is to hit mid Bondi where you may just be lucky enough to jag a couple of onshore lumps. 

The wind is expected to ease today so don't count out that after work session. You just never know your luck in this big city! 

Mad Frothdog – Brad

Update 19th November 2012

As I drove from Bronte to Bondi I could see that there was a little bit of south wind swell coming in. So I headed straight to south facing Bondi. Sure enough there were waves but they were lacking punch at 2 – 3 ft. I think high tide will be much better, suiting the sand banks much more. 

Did you see that light show pass out to sea last night? I was on the couch watching a movie and I couldn't ignore it much longer so I hit Bronte to see what I could come up with. French Franck Gazzola did the same and you can see his photo of the storm on our Frothers Facebook page. SHARE if you Like…..

There is waves for most of the week. The hard thing might be dodging the wind! 

Good luck – Brad Malyon "Frother"