Update 21st November 2013

How good is the inside lane going up Bondi Road at 7:30am! It must have taken me all but 2 minutes to my place, scoring every green light as I pushed the pedal just over the edge of the regulation 50klm per hr. I wish it could be like that on the weekend, instead of the frustrating clogged up mess that always seems to do your head in.

I entered my crazy house, still dripping wet in my 3/2 full suit. My wife and adult children spinning like Tassie Devils, trying to get out the door to work on time. Then, as the door slammed shut, there was silence. Nothing, except the sound of the shower running down my back, filling my half removed wetsuit with a warm rush. I love it when I don’t have to be somewhere on time.

Small surf out there again today people. The water has chilled down as well, thanks to this nor’easter blowing. Boardshorts if you’re tough or like to tan but a spring suit is more the call for an extended paddle. It’s a struggle on a small board too, so maybe consider something a little more buoyant.

Have a good one!



Up-date 20th November 2013

This morning was the perfect combination of ingredients for a Tequila Sunrise:

– an early rise out bed
– a big dose of sun
– a pinch of high altitude clouds for the texture
– a few medium altitude ones for the colours
– then add a couple of fun 2 footers
– add some warm(er) Sea water

Shake it ! Shake it !

Pour and enjoy with 400 hundreds Bondi mates.

Have a great day !


Update 18th November 2013

A quick drive around the beaches early and there isn’t too much to report. It’s wet, windy and mostly empty of human traffic, except for a few hard core workout junkies and some early workers making their way to the bus stop in the drizzling rain. I never saw a single surfer, so that tells you you’re not missing much in the dirty mess that is our ocean right now.

This low pressure system is currently off Newcastle and deepening, so you can expect conditions to get a little worse, before they get better. With all the dry weather and bushfires lately, it’s certainly a back flip. We have received more rainfall in the last week or so, than for entire period between July and October.

Have a good week everyone. Things should improve, surf wise as well from tomorrow, nothing amazing for wave riding but at this time of year, you should be happy riding anything above head high.



Update 15th November 2013

Friday is fun day – That day when you seem to spring out of bed and sort of take it easy for the rest of the day. That was the general feel out in the wet this morning. As per usual there were endless smiles from the ONEWAVE crew who over ran the right hand bank in the south corner at Bondi. All for a good cause! 

There isn't much out there at all today. A little bumpy and full but it is what you make it. Just take a smile with you. 

I had to have a good laugh at myself this morning. I put my wetsuit on back the front and It wasn't until I hit the waters edge that I realized. Lucky there was a towel on the beach that I could use to get changed. All those times that I have laughed at the Irish backpackers doing the same over the years came back to bite me in the arse!

Have a good weekend – Brad

Up-date 14th November 2013

Two more people got contaminated this morning. I think this is serious.

My parents left their French Alps and arrived in Sydney a couple of days ago. So they wanted to come with me for this morning shoot. Putting aside the fact that they are good gear-carriers, it was an interesting event for me to witness.

At first, they were looking at this crowd of runners, surfers, swimmers, cyclists, dog walkers, up before the crack of dawn, thinking ''these people are crazy''. And a few minutes later, when the Sun came up, more people converged to the Beach, waiving at each other, all smiles up, etc…and that's where I could see that they got contaminated by this powerful virus of early-bird flu. We all have it, and since we're not wearing any protection, when we take newbies with us, there is a good chance that we will transmit the disease.

There were so many infected people this morning, it looked like the Sun provoked a new outbreak.

When we left the beach, they said ''tomorrow, we're definitely waking up before sunrise and walk the beach''. That's it. They have it too.