Up-date 15th January 2014

Another fine morning has started: waves, a touch bigger than yesterday.

Wind: none. Sun: plenty. Temperature: three-zero.

So, I've done a list of what you need for today:

– Sunscreen

– a bottle of water

– a board: any kind will do…size doesn't matter (stop it !)

– a towel


– a good surfing Mag (try Foam Symmetry, if you haven't tried yet)

– a few bucks for a coffee

– an ipod

Last but not least

– a sickie


Tick all those boxes, and you'll be having a very fine day !

Have fun


Up-date 14th January 2014

Today’s motto seems to have been ‘’Toze onzenoze’’ !

Clean 1 to 2 footers, lefts and rights is all you need to reach your surf climax when you ride one of those looong ones. And a few of you guys knew how to hang 5.

This morning was perfect for it. The water is boiling hot (ok, maybe not…but it’s amazing), and clear. Tomorrow, I’ll trade someone my camera for a board for 10 minutes, just to catch a few. Who volunteers ?…C’mon guys: don’t be selfish !

I wanted to talk to you about a very cool upcoming event happening this Australia Day. WATSSUP Watsons Bay Stand Up Paddling are hosting the inaugural ‘’Every Man and His Dog Stand Up Paddle Event’’. The event will see paddlers and pooches hit the beach in Watsons Bay for a day of fun races and activities. The day kicks off with U12’s, U16’s, Open Men’s, Open Women’s SUP Races and finishes with the Man & Dog novelty events including a SUP race, treasure hunt & look-a-like (best dressed) competition. To recover from the wild excitement of the SUP races Watsons Bay Boutique Hotel will be throwing a presentation party with a BBQ, beers and live entertainment.
Entries start at $25 so bring your pooch, SUP and family to Watsons Bay this Australia Day 26th January. Registrations are open via www.watssup.com.au, register now so you don’t miss out! It’ll be a fun event to get involved into, and even just to watch !

Have a nice day.

Up-date 13th January 2014

Happy Monday !

I hope you had a nice one, and that you've enjoyed the waves when there were still some, on Saturday morning. It was packed, but fun in Bondi.

Today was a little bit of a weird one: the sun came up, and disappeared, shined through, and disappeared again. Waves were quite full, mushy, shifty: not the best.

We'll have to wait a bit for more meaty waves. From Wednesday onwards, there should be enough to play with, but the number of options will be limited as the Northerly is also coming to the party. But with it, some warmth as well. We have a week of decent weather ahead, hot enough that you're gonna want to rush from home to go for a dip and wash your day away.

Have a good start of the week, Frothers !

Insta: @franckgazzola

Up-date 10th January 2014

Where was the promised Sun this morning ? Has anyone seen it ?…Shall I call the Lost & Found Department ?

At least, there was some decent surf back in Bondi Beach (pronounced ‘’Bond-ee’’ if you’re a freshly arrived French backpacker). 2 to 3 foot, fairly clean fun, a lot more opened than yesterday. And with the waves, the crowd: a fun one, jovial, with smiles, and friendly drop-ins + some special guests, but I promised to keep my mouth shut for now. If you were surfing this morning, you probably noticed the 3 bean sprout-looking famous young ladies. At one stage, I actually took them for some member of the Friday Fluro crew.

At 7am, the line-up was Fluro. And I think that the best-dressed Award goes to Joel today ! My God, where does he find all these outfits. He must be hanging out in some weirds places in the City this one !

Anyway, it’s Friday. The weather should clear up, so try to squeeze a surf in before sunset (I will), and enjoy the sunny week-end ahead (at least tomorrow should be good…I start not to trust the forecast anymore !).

Have a nice day !
Insta: @franckgazzola 

Up-date 09th January 2014

A lot of you went for a paddle this morning, as you needed your fix, after a few mornings of nothing. But it was disappointing, wasn't it ?

Mushy, shifty…The waves in Bondi were like teenagers: searching for a personality. Is it a right ? No, finally it's left. Is it a left. Oh no, it's a close-out.

Since tomorrow seems to be more promising wave-wise, I decided to shoot a slice of life. Bondi is great for that. You don't need to move around to get shots. Stay in one spot: things will happen around you.

On a different note, you've probably heard about the weather in the Northern hemisphere at the moment, between the cold wave in the US and Hercules on the Atlantic Ocean. Well, Hercules delivered some pretty amazing swell in the South of France. A wave that only works when all the stars line-up, and called Belharra. Shane Dorian, Benjamin Sanchis, Jamie Mitchell (and a larger bunch) were there to score. The footage is pretty amazing (click here). Have a look at those rides that will be competing in the Billabong XXL challenge!

Tomorrow is Fluro Friday, don't forget !

Have a nice one