Update 16th June 2014

I got the late call up from Francky G last night to put something together for this mornings report. I think he said something about needing some beauty sleep after a huge weekend in Melbourne at some massive techno rave thingy. Well I was only too happy to oblige coz, as you may already know that we have had a good run of clean winter swell over the last few days.

Up here in Newcastle it has been well and truly pumping. The conditions have been off the charts and I have managed to jag a few lucky shots. So enjoy and dream away behind your office desk. 

Today the swell has ramped right up. But for you Sydneysiders you may just have to scout out of town to find something protected. 

Cheers from Newy!


Up-date 13th June 2014

It's Friday 13th, and yet, we're pretty lucky to live in this corner of the World, especially today !

The vibe was pretty jovial in the water. Plenty of waves, plenty of smiles ! As there were plenty of waves to go about, the drop-ins were friendly, fun even !

Olie's stoke was the highlight of the morning session to me. Just like any boy, he got a new toy for his birthday. A brand new red Waxa twin fins…from his girlfriend ! Well my friend…you must have had some brownie points up your sleeves, or you do stuff that only you have the secret. Both the board and the GF are keepers ! 😉 Happy B'day !

Have a great day !

I'm off to Melbourne to support France Rugby Team, about to get their a#@ kicked by the Wallabies for the second time in 2 weeks (I hope not, but I am realistic).

Franck (insta:@franckgazzola)

Up-date 12th June 2014

The perfect Winter morning has arrived. I told you that today should be the highlight of the week. And for a change: I was right ! (thank you Coastal Watch !)

What can I say: pretty colours for sunrise, gold water, offshore, 3 to 5 foot swell lines coming through super consistently. What else can we ask for ? Not much.

Sickie day kids !


(insta: @franckgazzola)

Up-date 11th June 2014

Warm golden hues in the middle of Winter, bringing us some gold nuggets: Sun, offshore wind and waves…

I could finally get the camera out of the bag without risking is to get soaked, and what a pleasure to see the sun again.

The colours can be a bit deceiving as there was only 1 digit on the dial at 6:30am. But in a day of swell and sun, temperature gets down to the bottom of the list, when it comes to concerns.

Bronte, Tama, and Bondi had plenty of waves. It's relatively clean. Plenty to go about for the day anyway. And tomorrow ? Well, it should be a pretty good one too, probably the highlight of the week. So if you have to wake up early and go for a paddle, tomorrow could be the day. Keep an eye on the up-dated forecast tonight.

Have a great day !


Update 05th June 2014

Well I must say it has been a while since my last update. 6 months in fact. And you may have heard through the grapevine that myself and the family have moved 2.5hrs north to the industrial city of Newcastle, where I have taken a fantastic job on the harbor working on the tugboats. 

As you can see I have still been shooting a little here and there and I have quickly discovered how good the waves are up here….. Shoosh don't tell too many people about that one. At first we were a little worried about leaving the bubble of the eastern suburbs but the novelty of feeling like we are on holidays still hasn't worn off. So that is obviously a good sign! 

I'll be doing the odd Frothers report for Franck every now and then but if your keen to see more of my photography from north at Newcastle just simply follow me on Instagram – @bradmalyon.

Until next time – Brad