Up-date 11th July 2014

Early yesterday morning the family and I ventured south down the highway back to our hometown. We have another little one due in a few weeks so the obstetrician appointments are ramping right up. And it just so happened that yesterday's appointment coincided with a very nice ESE swell. Of course the camera gear tagged along. 

Like so many others with the same idea – there was only one place to be on the eastside/southside. And that was out at Cape Solander. Truly a great spectacle made even better from the comfort of the PROGUARD Jetski. It was slow. But when they came they rolled in like monsters. 

Enjoy the pics….

Miss you guys – Brad, Christie and Aarty +1

Up-date 09th July 2014

25 degrees during the day, and 20 at night, not a tiny little wave or riddle at the surface…I am clearly not in NSW, but in North Queensland. Airlie Beach, to be precise.

Apologies for the radio silence for the first couple of days of the week, but the primary reason for me to be here is not to take pictures, unfortunately. Getting the camera out of the bag for a few minutes is a little bonus, but I have been flat out most of the time, and hardly choose the time or the place to shoot. Still, I've come across a few nice things here, between a shipwreck, a couple of pretty intense blue sky sunrises, and some warm sunsets.

I can't wait to be back to the waves though. I hope you've had a couple for me in the last few days.

Have a nice day !

Franck (insta: @franckgazzola)

Up-date 02nd July 2014

I dont' have much time to write these words, but what I can tell you in short: it's been a whils since we've had such good surfing conditions around here !

A nice Winter swell, accompanied by the crisp (understand: freezing) offshore breeze, and birght blue skies.

If you can go for a paddle, then go ! There is plenty of fun around.

Have a great day !

Franck (insta: @franckgazzola)

Late morning call

I got the late call up from Francky G last night to put something together for this mornings report. I think he said something about needing some beauty sleep after a huge weekend in Melbourne at some massive techno rave thingy. Well I was only too happy to oblige coz, as you may already know that we have had a good run of clean winter swell over the last few days.

Up here in Newcastle it has been well and truly pumping. The conditions have been off the charts and I have managed to jag a few lucky shots. So enjoy and dream away behind your office desk.

Today the swell has ramped right up. But for you Sydneysiders you may just have to scout out of town to find something protected.

Cheers from Newy!


Winter magic is on

The crisps sunny mornings, with pretty clouds and clean peelers. The offshore winds, the Lattes, and the late sunrises. The small crowds, the almost empty Icebergs, and the cold sand. The UGGs on the beach, the blue skies, and (almost) only the locals.

Our Winter festival is in full swing right now, and except for the man-Flue (that I finally managed to overcome – I almost died – sorry for the radio silence), there is nothing not to like about it. And I am not talking about the ”Ice-rink on the beach” kind of Winter Festival. I mean the natural one, the sustainable one, …the only one.

But days are going to start to stretch again this week. We’re on our way to Summer !

Have a great day.