Up-date 15th September 2014

Have you felt yesterday that we were late December already in Bondi? The Sun out, the crystal clear flat water, the massive crowd on the beach and in the streets…all the ingredients post Xmas, pre-NYE !

The festival of the Winds brought quite a lot of people down the beach, to enjoy the sight of funky kites in the sky. But how about this weather ! It was tough to find a spot in the sun…

Today was a little less blue, but nice nonetheless. Tiny waves, but the bay wasn't completely a lake, so if you have the right kinda board or if you weight less than 50kg, you should be fine to catch a couple. Tomorrow should see a little increase in size (a little only, don't get too excited).

In Cali, however, they should be getting some decent size swell for the Hurley Pro. Have a look at the live feed tonight. If the competition resumes, it should be quite a great day of comp'. This wave is like a skatepark: every wave is surfed in a different manner, and some of the tricks come from deep down in the bottom of the hat !

Have a good day !


Up-date 12th September 2014

What can I say…After an amazing morning yesterday, today is a different story.

Day & night. Hot & cold.

The good thing though is that it shouldn't last long. Just today. The weekend is looking the goods. Only the waves might be on the tiny side, but still, we should be able to enjoy the pleasures of the outdoor.

Have a nice day, and enjoy the weekend.



Up-date 11th September 2014

It is so good to be back home…

Going away often makes you appreciate where you live even more (..most of the time – Australia is pretty difficult to beat, let's admit it !). The pre-work morning is now long enough to allow a surf, a coffee and a shower. The temperature is a delight, and more wetties start to be left behind by the swimmers.

A pretty blue morning has started, with small waves, waist high at most, but clean and fun if you have the right tool. Today, Lara Murphy ruled the line-up. great carving, elegant walking, stylish knee dropping, nose riding…all the tricks in the book !

This morning, the One Wave crew formed a big ''R U OK'' in the water, in the middle of the bay. Check it out on instagram: @onewaveisallittakes. Well done guys !

Great to be back and see all those smiling familiar faces again. Spring, bring it on !

Have a great day !