Up-date 20th October 2014

I must say I felt pretty lonely this morning. It is usually difficult to stay focus whilst shooting, between the morning chit-chats ''hey mate ! how are you buddy !'' ''Hi Francky ! YEW !'' ''Coming out for a swim ?!'', etc…Today, none of that: just me and the seagulls.

The 30 knots of Southerly, 40+ in the gusts, have reshaped the beach, making it look clean and smooth, just like fresh snow. But it also kept everyone inside, leaving me alone……..(sighs….).

Now, I wanted to announce the winner(s) for the ''Count how many people are in the shot of the Mental Health Day gathering'' contest. The winner is Guillaume Hauvespre ! He said 242. The answer was 274 + 2 dogs.

I want to give a special price to Patrizio Cara who counted the dogs too. Good effort mate: you're getting a 30x20cm print of your choice too.

Just send me the image number by email at info@frothers.com.au and we'll get that organized for you.

Have you looked at what's happening in Portugal at the moment ? It's pretty exciting: current n#1 Gabriel Median lost early, which left Kelly with a massive chance to grab the World Title…but he got beaten too, right after ! What a missed opportunity ! Mick, however, is in good shape not to let this chance go. He's still in the run.

The World Title is going to be decided at Pipeline: the ultimate scenario !

Have a good week !

Franck (insta: @franckgazzola)

Up-date 17th October 2014

I've been out of Town for a few days. When I left, it was Summer. When I landed…well, I had a doubt.

Today is……Friday ! (I can hear you think: ''F&%* yeah !''). As per the usual, the Fluro crew gathered for a friendly and spiritual moment. The waves were pretty average, but still, a few motivated souls tried to make the most of the conditions before work. Normal. Bondi was busy with PT sessions all over the sand and the park: standard. Coffee shops were crowded to serve the morning kick and some heat in a paper cup: tick !

Another morning in the life of the Eastern Suburbs.

Have a great weekend !


Insta: @franckgazzola

Up-date 10th October 2014

If you don't believe in the human race anymore, then I suggest you come down in Bondi on a Friday morning. This might cure your disease.

I would love to tell you how many people were down for this exceptional human chain today, but I could not count. So, let's play a little game, sponsored by OneWave: how many people are on shot N#5 ? The closest to the right answer (high or low) will win a 30x20cm Frothers print of your choice.

I am sorry we were only able to send fresh shots of the beach only today, but we've been doing some work in the background to prepare for the launch of the new Frothers, and the associated new website. I'm sure you'll forgive us for that when you see the results.

Have a great weekend, kids ! It's gonna be sunny !


Up-date 02nd October 2014

This week is a little weird, but it's actually quite fun.

One morning is 20 degrees, soon to become 30, and not a wave. The next is 13 degrees with 25 knots howling from the South with onshore junk. The one after is 3-4 foot offshore. Tomorrow ? Well, surprise surprise…

It's a little all over the place, but it makes it interesting. Every day this week brings something special to us the lucky buggers who live by this beautiful shore line (and to all the Frothers subscribers around the World…).

What I can tell you is that the long weekend is looking promising: you might want to consider getting out of town, strap the boards on the roof, and hit the road to uncrowded waves, 'cause there'll be some swell and some pretty decent weather.

That's all for today, folks !

Franck (insta: @franckgazzola)