Hi Frothers,

This morning was the perfect morning to wash the News away, and start on the right foot again.

I am not sure if this was the ”it’s all relative-effect” after something like this happened, but the atmosphere in the morning was super relaxed, despite the crowd, the drop-ins, the post-wipe-out flying boards…

#illridewithyou seemed to have been in everyone’s mind and behaviour.

The day has now turned grey, but the sun is probably still shining for this morning’s frothers who enjoyed those clean 1.5 foot gold nuggets.

Have a great day !

instagram: @frothersgallery / @franckgazzola

Sean Davey

Hi Frothers,

Since Hawaii is the theme of the fortnight with an historical battle for the ASP World Title is on at the moment, it is a great opportunity to talk about another of our Frothers Team member: Sean Davey.

If’ you’ve been following the Frothers Gallery since the beginning then Sean’s name is known to you. If you’ve been reading surf magazines since you were a kid, then Sean’s name will ring a bell. If you’ve been in Hawaii, and saw a few big lenses on the beach, then Sean was probably one of them. If you’re into ocean and surf photography, then the likelihood of not haven’t hear about Sean is very slim.

Sean brings an amazing library of images, years of experience of shooting in and out of the water, everywhere in the World, with a strong focus on Hawaii, his home (he still hasn’t lost his ozzie accent though…).

Sean is the Aloha-master in our Frothers house!


The Frothers Team

instagram: @frothersgallery


Hi Frothers,

Someone flicked the fan on last night in maxi power.

It is howling, the swell is tight, rather big and pretty ugly. Some ugly looking waves break where normally no wave usually breaks. Windy, ugly, rough, raw, chilly…most of us would decide to snooze a couple more alarms, or head down to the local for a bacon & eggs, reading the news on Insta with a hot cup. But some decided to be opportunistic and make the most of those glass half-full conditions.

Sebastien and Francois were on the ball with the forecast and at 6:30am sharp they were sailed up and hitting the water.

Big smiles, shakas, stoke and aloha spirit for those two Frenchies. Ugly conditions you said ?…Perfect you mean !

Have a great day.



Deb Morris

Hi Frothers,

If you live in Sydney, you probably need a bit of colours to brighten your day ! Winter weather, no waves,…we need to cheer you up with some amazing and colourful images.

We’re very proud of our only lady in the Frothers Team, Deb Morris. She brings a different angle (a very low one) on the Ocean. She kneels and crawls on the sand to capture the beauty of what most of us ignore, too focused on the bigger waves outside. Those mini-perfections roll over our feet, un-noticed, but Deb brings them to life.

After years in the Corporate world the decision was made to turn her 30 year passion into her career and the worth of a “niche” subject was discovered being the beauty of miniature shore breaks, and so in 2011 was born DebM WAVEART.

Deb’s images have won International Awards, have graced many of the Worlds publications including being part of the Surfers Journal Masters Collection. Some of her works have been hung on the walls of The Smithsonian Museum, USA through to the Ulsan Festival in Korea. Deb now resides on the Far North NSW Coast of Australia.

Those images travel through times and fashions, and would fit into the comfort of a home or the clean design of a Corporate environment.

Mini in size. Maxi in beauty.

We are very proud to count Deb in the Frothers Team!

Have a great day.


The Frothers Team


Hi Frothers,

It is pretty changing out there. An hour ago, a thick layer of clouds was hanging over our heads, and as I am writing these words, it totally cleared blue.

She’s moody and changing at the moment. She doesn’t really know what she wants, does she?

Waves are a bit of a non-event today. We’ll have to wait for the weekend, even though it looks like the winds want to be invited to the party. But the real deal is going to be long range. We should be in for a decent one. Keep your eyes on the forecast!

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