Underwater World

G’day Frothers !

As the beach activity was pretty quiet today and the surf non-existant, I could not resist today to show you a bit of underwater life shot less than two weeks ago on the South Coast of NSW, in the Narooma area to be precise.

If you haven’t been in this area, well I suggest that you pack the car with a couple boards, your scuba licence, your kite/windsurfing gear, your fishing rods and a few warm jumpers to hit the road for a long weekend there. You’ll always end up surfing on your own, protected from the nasty winds. You’ll get to scuba or snorkel with some of the most playful wildlife on Earth, see all kind of sharks and rays. It is magic!

So here are a few of the shots taken there, whilst the last boats of the Sydney to Hobart race were making their way alongside this amazing coastline.

I have been trained intensively lately by the Dive Center Bondi for an upcoming adventure. They’ve been amazing, and beyond the range of skills they can teach, you can (re)discover Sydney underwater world. I’ve been so focused (pun intended) in shooting above the water, that I forgot how beautiful the bottom can be, even in Sydney. So now, instead of being grumpy because of the lack of swell, I see a great opportunity to go diving with sharks at Magic Point, or go for a sneaky night dive at Gordon’s Bay like yesterday. Just another way to froth & enjoy the Eastern Suburbs…

See you down at the beach tomorrow, hopefully with a bit more swell than the last few days!



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Bonne année!

Bonjour les Frothers !

My name is Greg Rabejac, and firstly I want to wish you a happy new year 2015! ‘Bonne Année’ like we say around here…

Where is ”here” ? ”Here” is the Basque Country, and more generally the South West of France. One of the most amazing places on Earth, with an incredible diversity of seascapes, waves and landscapes. It’s an amazing playground for an Ocean Photographer!

I’ve been offered to join the Frothers Team a few months ago, and I jumped onboard immediately. I am very honoured to showcase my work alongside other photographers that I admire and respect a lot. I think it can only push us all to become better, and more critical with our work, for your benefits. I like that positive challenge!

Here are a few images that you can find in my Gallery. I will do my very best to bring you fresh images, but as I travel a lot in very remote areas of the World, my ability to connect may be challenging for me at times.

It’s the middle of Winter here in France, but waves have been pretty amazing lately. I must that I envy a little bit the Australian warm water, but I heard it’s been pretty flat lately on the East Coast, so I guess our grass is still greener here. We hope to see Belharra wake up from the dead some time soon.



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Twenty 15

Hey Frothers !

Happy new year 2015 ! We wish you all a great 2015, made of family  joy, great friendships, outdoors, empty waves, discovery and unexpected fun. We’ve renewed our life-lease for 2015, so let’s make the most of it. I know I will.

Are you back at work already or are you still enjoying some sun somewhere nice and secluded?

If you’re in the first group, hold on tight: from Wednesday onwards, it’ll feel easier. If you’re in the second group, you’re probably smiling thinking ”damn right, I’m enjoying my holidays whilst everyone else is getting back to work…”. Good on you. Enjoy it till it lasts.

If you’ve been out of Town for some time, you may wonder what Bondi looked like during the busiest season of the year. Well, these pictures illustrate the sandy chaos that’s been happening. Now throw a bull shark into the mix, and you can imagine how busy our World famous lifeguards must have been. No rest for those wicked!

Today is a pretty dull day. The Sun is taking some rest today and the swell is lazy. The water is awesome though, perfect for a swim.

Have a great day!



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