Nikon Surf Photo Award

Hi Frothers !

I can thank my father’s interest in photography for my 30plus year passion, even though I only turned into my professional career 4 years ago.

Originally from Bondi and now living on the Far North NSW Coast, in what I consider my little piece of paradise I find myself spoilt with a selection of beaches which allows me to pursue the shorebreakers for that illusive perfect wave.I love to capture the individual personalities of the micro wave, the smaller the better!

So after many hours in the water in pursuit of that perfect shot you can imagine my delight to receive news from Surfing Australia that I have made the finals for the Nikon Surf Photo Awards putting me into a line up of Australia’s Top Surf photographers. The last two years I have made the finals, being the only female to do so which makes it all the more special. Actually this is one of those Awards that humbles me, whether it be that I have made an imprint in a fairly male dominated industry or that my images are up against Australia’s best Surf photographers, it leaves me feeling very humbled and proud.

So on the 12th of Feb at Surfing Australia’s presentation night held in Sydney the winner will be announced, for me I feel I have already won with just making the grade!

Wish me luck!

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Broughton Island

Hi Frothers,

Happy ‘hump day’- down hill to the weekend from here.

Sorry for the late one, but I’ve just returned from a sabbatical at Broughton Island and thought I’d share some shots from the trip. If you haven’t heard of Broughton Island, it’s located here, just north-west of Port Stephens.  The place is unreal, a photographers dream and the best part- it’s only accessible by boat (or helicopter if you’re a high roller).

Broughton Island is part of the Myall Lakes National Park and is surrounded by a marine park home to one of thirteen Grey Nurse Shark Nurseries in New South Wales. I lost count how many times I swam through ‘The Looking Glass’ where the Grey Nurse Sharks congregate. I could’ve spent all day diving down below the schools of fish, cruising with the sharks.

If you’re a scuba diver or a keen freediver, definitely put Broughton Island on your bucket list.

Adios amigos,


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South Swell

Hi Frothers !

That big South swell that hit Sydney last week arrived at Coffs Harbour hitting the main surfing spots around the area .

It wasn’t as good as expected and not nearly as big as some spots in Sydney but the locals still found some fun sessions to wet their appetite. Park beach had some nice rides , Sawtell was fun for a few days . Uranga and Valla clocked some good sessions too. I did more surfing than taking photos to be honest, trying to get my fitness up but I still got to capture some action at Park Beach. Hope you all surfers got wet and scored some waves and for the rest, well, enjoy the photos.

Have a great week everyone,

Cheers from Coffs,


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Travelling Machine

Hi Frothers !

Pretty bad day outside this morning. No one on the sand. Hardly anyone in the water at all. Murky waters from the rain last night…not your ideal summer conditions for sure.

So, instead of boring you with rainy images from Sydney, let us take you to travel around a bit a present you some more images of our Europe-based Photographer Greg Rabejac. You can find those images and many more in his gallery.

Images are the best travelling-machine: descriptive enough, they still let room for imagination. What happens the next second, the next minute ?…Up to you to decide…

Have a nice one!



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