From Up North



Hi Frothers!

Have you made the most of the long weekend? Where have you been? Any exciting trips outside of the bubble? Did you get the Webber on a beach somewhere?

For my part, I went up North, in the Boomerang/Blueys Beach area. Amazing part of the world.

If you like whale watching, this was the place to be. I’ve never seen so many whales and calfes in one spot, breaching, tail or fin-flapping and jumping off everywhere.

A decent sized shark was also spotted in Cellito Beach. But in terms of surfing…well, nothing to report.

This week ahead is looking like a nice one. Temperatures are finally going to rise to Spring/Summer like ones…and that, my friends, is a great news!

Have a nice day.

(Instagram: @franckgazzola / @frothersgallery)