A few of the local surfers from Bronte and a couple of Lifeguards from Bondi Rescue went on a well deserved trip to Nias in late June. As you can see they well and truely got what they were after. Some big throaty drainers, a few snapped boards and a few crazy crappy haircuts. The guys stayed at a place named Rafaels. A great place to stay after the 48 hr journey to get there. For those that don't know Nias is an Island in North Sumatra, Indonesia that has a perfect right hand break dishing up some of the best barrels in the world. Surfers featured are Liam Taylor (Itchy), Ryan Clark (Whippet) , John Dwyer (Bones), Mouse as himself and Matt (Slowy) Sloaman. Luke Daniels failed to submit his shots in time due to further shananigans in Bali.