Well, what a mixed bag we had last week! We started off with a fair sized swell from the SE which kept most of us amped, but closer to the weekend things got a little on the small side. The longboards were out in full force over the past few days with Bondi's sand banks turning on a bite sized treat. 

Wednesday morning at Tama was the place to be, as the swell straightened to the East and cleaned up overnight thanks to a nice NW wind. Tama stalwarts Duncan Lovely, Derek Recio and Andrew Chapman all took advantage of the little surprise package before work! Christian Besserra also nailed a couple in between the above mentioned trio's rampaging Tama tactics. Luke Mussett caught some great action around the traps this week, so check out Bondeye Candy's video footage HERE.

By Tuesday morning we will see a big increase in south swell that will last throughout the week. It's not going to be anything special and far from perfect as it looks to be only a 9 sec swell period. Wednesday and Thursday look to be the pick this week with the wind expected to swing back to the W/NW. So get out there and enjoy it. We think a sneaky trip down the coast to a protected reef break may be in order!