Beautiful sunny skies in the lead up to Spring this past week. You can smell it in the warmer air, she's just around the corner!

With a bit of variety in terms of surf conditions, Tuesday and Wednesday were the bigger days. The surf slowly dwindled away in the later part of the week, until Sunday when we had a little bump in short range southerly swell. Most of our stretch was being utilised, with waves at both Bronte and Tama, plus smaller ones coming in to Maroubra.

There is not much to look forward to this week, although Thursday is a possibility with a 2-3ft short period south swell. So, even if the surf isn't doing much, get out there and enjoy the warmer weather in the prelude to Spring!

Frothers' photog Brad has been out of action this week. Thanks to the rest of the team for holding down the fort, especially Billy Morris. One of the best and most experienced surf photographers in Australia, Bill has been out and about this week capturing the action. If you see his head bobbing out in the line up, or on the beach with his machine gun like set up, go ahead and say G'day!

Also be sure to check out this weeks update from Bondeye Candy. We reckon they just keep getting better and better and hopefully gives you a little insight about what it was like in the water the past week around town. Cheerio and enjoy the week ahead!