While I was away in Bali it seems you guys have had a pretty good run of waves. I'm not sure if it beat kickin back in Indo but it's still good to have some swell for a change! The Frothers' contributors have done a great job of capturing what went down. In particular it looked like the groms at Maroubra had a ball surfing for Jeremy Wilmotte. The Bondi Rescue gang had their annual photo taken by Billy Morris, while Rob Gray caught some action at Porto Escondido in Mexico during a much deserved holiday.

Well, if you haven't seen the forecast for the weekend check out all of the details on Coastalwatch. It's shaping up to be a monster swell and there are going to be some knarly sessions going down over the weekend for sure! Luke and I are still trying to decide on where to go and shoot! If you're keen to have a dig just remember to know your limits. It's going to be dangerous and heavy. One thing is certain, getting out of town is your best bet in finding something rideable. If a road trip is not an option I suggest you wax up the biggest gun you own and have a dig at the Buckler. It might be on!