Summer is performing quite the sporadic tease at the moment as our days flit between hot & steamy to cold & windy. Winter made one last horah on Saturday as the wind blew off the mountains and with the blink of an eye the surf went from a meagre 2 foot to a solid 6ft. As the surf built over night we were greeted with 6 foot sets on Sunday morning. This was great for the chargers over at Bronte Video who had a solid session but the conditions were not too favourable for the longboarders at the Chloe Byron Memorial Comp Click here for pics. Competition went ahead amid the rolling sets and closeouts with snapped boards a plenty to show for it. Kevin Holt took it out from Lifeguard Harries Carroll. A special mention to Col Sutherland and Peter Chapman who were ripping all day! Some great surfing went down and all for a great cause. 

There's waves all week so get out there. Check out Coastalwatch for the latest forecast HERE by Ben Mc