After last weekend where the waves pumped hard and the crowds were gigantic you could have been forgiven for thinking that you were going to get a peak to yourself on Monday. It was not be, Bronte was packed, fortunately the corner at Bondi looked like it was closing out and the crowds were down but if you persisted there were some screamer barrels to poke your head out of and wave to the masses.

As the week went on the lifeguard rip bowl came to life and every semi retired to retired longboarder was out there weaving their oceanliners through the flotsam and jetsam. Greg and Stan you know who you are 😉 Honestly though, if you were patient you could literally do 6 turns to the beach and maybe even claim a head dip at the end.

The weekend was a bit of a letdown wave wise. Unless you  were a grommet the size of Frankie or PK Saturday was a great day for sun baking. The less said about Sunday the better. To see how much the groms were having hit this link HERE.

Have a great week boys and girls and play nice with the other kids…Yeeeew!!!