The past few days have been a massive wake up call… Summer is near and the hoards of beach goers are here and taking our car parks. The bus stops from Bondi to Bronte were bursting at the seams with people swarming over the foot path and track. Sculptures by the Sea has called it a wrap and Bondi has seen its first major brawl and police presence. Maroubra was a pleasant relief from the mayhem with a few waves getting through over the weekend, the groms were having a ball and its great to see the amount of talent in the water. Before too long we'll be seeing a few WQS contenders for sure coming out of the Bra.
The week ahead is looking to be fairly schmall and will be lacking substance. We will battle onshore SE winds for the best part of the week with only small dribs and drabs on the menu. Fingers are crossed for Friday and the weekend where we should see an increase in SE windswell hopefully reaching the 3ft mark.