It was a bit of a slow week and the weather was not too crash hot at all. If you were onto it there were a few waves to be had, although it was mostly windswept mush getting into our beaches. Bronte had a few while Tama looked the go for those late afternoon sessions after the flags went down. Most of this week's pics in the slideshow come from a session on Saturday at McKenzies. It was average to say the least but some of the Bondi groms were out there giving it a good crack.

There isn't much to report on the wave front for the coming week. We are directly affected by a slow moving high pressure system in the Tasman Sea. No good for making waves! We can only rely on localised NE wind to create a few ripples in the pond for the later part, where it may get up to 3ft.

A special mention to local lads Tom Whitaker and Blake Thornton who made the Semis and Quarters respectively in the Haleiwa Hawaiian Pro today. The event was eventually won by Joel Parko! Get your bets on him for the Triple Crown. Well done boys!