NE windswell was on the menu for us last week. As a result the water temp got out of control, dropping to a ridiculous 16 degrees. You see the NE wind blows so hard that it literally knocks off the top layer of warm water and is then deflected out to see by the  "The Coriolis Effect" So the moral of the story is to keep that 3/2 steamer ready to go at all times this summer. We're now in the middle of a southerly buster, so warmer water temps should be back in the mix, but wave conditions are ordinary to say the least.

Sunday saw the first heat of the Miss Bondi go down in front of a full house at the Beach Rd Hotel. View the SLIDESHOW HERE Six lucky girls moved through to the final to be held on the 12th December. Heat 2 is on next week, 5th December at 2pm, so don't miss it.

By the end of today the wind should shift back to the NE where it will gain momentum once again and throw some more windswell into the mix. Wed/Thurs look to be the best. A little reminder about those wetsuits too; keep them handy! Have a great week frothers.