Staring back at me in the mirror this morning were a few extra wrinkles, which I have 2010 to thank for. Trying to get a grip on losing another year to the hands of time I had a flick through this year's archive – woo, what a cracker we've had! With the rebuild of the site we added a few new features and creatures including Bondeye Candy and a team of contributing photographers. The video & images that this talented bunch captured added a new dimension to Frothers – vibrancy, creativity and personality even during the flattest of weeks. We can't thank you enough for sharing your talents with all of us – Cheers! We love what Frothers has become – a place where we can share what's going on in the local community. Thanks to all of the contributing writers who have shared a little bit of themselves with us. 

The most standout moments for us this year were seeing the community band together for mates down on their luck. We live in a special place and are surrounded by some amazing people. Stay safe, Happy New Year!

Brad and Christie.