Well, didn’t Mother Nature put on a show this week! Biblical floods all over Oz and yet we enjoyed some of the warmest days we’ve seen in ages. The clouds burnt off for the later end of the week, which had the crowds flocking to our shores. Not only did we score weather wise but the surf cranked up a notch also – with Bondeye Candy’s Musso notching up enough hours in the surf within 2 days to last him 2 months! Tama was working early Sunday and the sand banks at Bondi made for some fun waves earlier on in the south corner. In this weeks slideshow we have some great images from local grom Rob Walwyn and Jeremy Wilmotte who is back in Fiji has flicked us a few shots to dream about.

Looking ahead we will see the swell stick around. The East tradewinds will be pushing some E to NE swell our way for the rest of the week. Check Coastalwatch for more details.

All the best for the new year!