Hot, hot, hot and that’s how we like it! How good is diving in for the early with the summer sun shining into your melon. The much anticipated cyclonic waves arrived and as per usual the good-sized swell had nowhere to go. Luckily for the Bronte boys the sandbanks turned it on for Tuesday and they were all out there ripping. It was good to see a recovered Kobi Graham at his home break showing us how it’s really done.

Sunday morning at Bondi was small but really fun. The Bondi groms enjoyed it the most with Pama Davies who has improved out of sight over the school holidays. Beau Walker, Nitro, has had everyone at Bondi talking as the guy just doesn’t fall off as he performs air reverses with ease.

The Icebergs held a charity swim on Sunday morning for the Queensland flood appeal that was taken out by the Bondi Lifeguards. Geoff Huegill and the Sydney Kings also turned out to support our Northern counterparts. Keep the donations flowing.

Australia Day will give us all a pleasing midweek break and an excuse to float around on over sized inflatables. There will be waves for the rest of the week but onshore winds will be hanging around putting a dampener on things. Check out our friends at COASTALWATCH for more.