It looked like Bronte was the place to be last week and fortunately for me that's just where I was working. I was lucky enough to rattle off a few frames here and there before and after work, plus in between lunchtime surfs. Tom Whitaker was a standout (which surely is to be expected) as he was fine tuning his equipment before heading to Brazil for a contest. The Bronte groms look to be getting better and better with some great surfing by Zac Bloodworth, Jack Clifford, Taco and Luke Faddy who were ruling their homebreak after the school bell had sounded. Great to see two-surfs-a-day  Jay Harrison back in the water after a stint in Hawaii – lucky duck!

It looks like I'll be heading somewhere tropical next week, so be sure to keep an eye out on Facebook as I'll keep you updated daily. Hopefully you'll be seeing some primo shots of long walls, perfect barrels and warm water. 

Meanwhile there will be waves around all week on our home turf. An east wind swell is expected to kick up on Wednesday, so make sure you check east facing beaches for your best chance of getting a wave in. Check Coastalwatch