Bula! After spending just under two weeks on an island that I have to call heaven, I have decided Fiji is my new favourite spot. It's funny that it's so close to Oz, yet I know only a handful of people that have ventured there.
Namotu is a speck in the ocean, that happens to be surrounded by some great surfing reefs including Namotu Lefts and Wilk's Right. With the lift on exclusive rights, which restricted surf break use, you can now stay on Namotu and surf nearby Cloudbreak and Resturants on Tavarua to your heart's content. 
You can snap up flights for next to nothing and be spoilt rotten on what's pretty much your own private island. White sand, palm trees, perfect surf, awesome fishing, delicious food and friendly staff – could you ask for more?
I hope you enjoy the pics I snapped, especially after the most average of Sydney weekends and when you book your trip to Namotu say a big g'day to the friendly staff. Vinaka – Brad.