I'm sure there are polar bears out there in the line up today. It was freezing this morning, yet I still saw numerous mad people jumping in to swim the bay in speedos and one piece togs. Well done. They're alot braver than most. The Tasman Sea is like a lake and the flat conditions look set to continue for most of the week, with showers hitting our shores tomorrow. There was only a handful of longboarders picking up some dribs and drabs in the south corner at Bondi. Half a foot waves every 10 mintues or so. Not worth getting wet for. Maybe take up a new sport like Dirt Filthin' this week. I had my first mountain bike ride last weekend and although I lost some bark it was well worth it. You have to have something up your sleeve for when the surf is flat. 

I also managed a night out this weekend at Bondi Massive located on Campbell Parade in South Bondi. A coffee shop by day and tapas style dining by night. It was sensational! Contact Wazza for bookings 9365 5738

Due to the lack of surf this morning I wacked in a couple of shots I had up my sleeve from last week. Have a great day and check in again in the morning. Cheers, Brad.