Morning Frothers! Great to see a few waves about this morning huh! Even though it's a weak little windswell, it sure kicked the day off in the right way. It was good to be out there in the water getting amongst it with everyone at Bondi. Every time I put the camera housing together I never know what I'll end up getting, if anything. So it's always a risk, especially in the depth of winter, but sometimes you get one or two frames that make it all worth while. The winter curl image put a big smile on my dial, as well as the shot of Otis Carey carving hard on rail. This shot's a little different for me as he's normally always 6ft in the air. It was also great to meet today's portrait person Nathan out there! Even though he did drop in on his female friend – the shot is up by the way Nathan. Haha!

Bill Morris is back from shooting for Oakley in the Mentawais in Indonesia and he said that they had non stop waves for the whole trip ranging from 4 – 8ft. I can't wait to see the images!

The Frothers Gallery is open today so if you're in the area call in and say hello. 145C Macpherson St Bronte.

Cheers – Brad