It was no secret that there were going to be waves this morning in the 3 – 4ft range. Everyone was on it early in the South corner at Bondi. It's probably the only real bank around in the East at the moment. It must be, because Mark Mathews and John Gannon were out there this morning meaning Maroubra must not have been great and Tama and Bronte looked really full on the early high. I didn't see anything worth hooting over but there is the odd left and right out there. Worth a paddle for sure.

The word was that late last night Bondi was pumping. Hence the crowded jungle this morning. I missed it! Can't wait for more light in the day so i can actually get a wave in. Come on summer! All in all its an ideal day to get wet. You will be battling the crowds if you head to Bondi that's for sure. The swell will back off over the weekend. So today is your day. Make the most of it. 

Don't forget Johannes Leak is having his Surface Exhibition at the Beach Rd Hotel starting tonight. He is one talented human. Make sure you get there early to claim one of his works! Keep your eyes off the Muhammad Ali piece. 

Have a great weekend – Brad