Good morning Frothers! Nick here, reporting from Bali. Due to the dismal conditions in Sydney I thought I'd share some of the Indo fun with you. Back in Bondi you are in for a day of small lack luster conditions, with 1-2ft waves being turned to mush by the slight onshore wind blowing. If you are desperate to get your hair wet perhaps give Bondi a shot. Or sit back and pretend you are in tropical Bali with me.

It was all happening here towards the end of last week. The SW swell peaked on Friday, as predicted, and the Balinese Pipeline put on quite a show. The lineup was busy with surfers from all over the world, jostling for a set wave and their few seconds of glory. Some guys waited up to 2 hours for a single wave. Jamie O'Brien rocked up for the arvo session and showed his years of experience in Hawaii, dazzling onlookers as he threaded through a few tubes with ease.

The swell has backed off to around 4ft over here, which has seen some great days on the beach breaks. I've had local lad Betet Merta showing me around the traps and ensuring we score the best waves possible. A great little session went down up at Canggu with Ben Godwin, Kamalei Alexander, Betet and Ben Short all finding their fair share of ramps.

After all this action I think it's time to put down the lens and get some waves for myself. Have a great day.

– Nick Sheffield