Update 22nd September 2011

Diving through the water this morning was like swimming through crystals! I love the way the morning light bounces off the surface of the water doing funny things with the camera.

There's not many waves around today. Just big enough for the log or mal, but let me tell you it's worth a dip! Take a pair of goggles with you because it is a whole other world under there. Have you ever seen a wave break underwater? It really is quite spectacular. I could have lasted all morning out there today but I have a bunch of Scots College Photography students coming to see me this morning at the gallery. Hopefully I can teach them a thing or two about shooting underwater! Im actually really stoked about having a bunch of frothing grommets turn up for some tips!

The gallery is open all day from 10am5pm if your in need of some color for your wall!

Have a good one! Hard not to today – Brad

Update 21st September 2011

After the howling west winds of yesterday, I expected pretty close to flatness when I walked out the door at 5:30am. I was so surprised when I saw 2 to 3 feet of clean south swell as I hit Bronte. I had planned to do something at Maroubra this morning but plans change and I swung the wheel left and headed north, back to Australia's most famous beach, the south swell magnet – Bondi.

Another magic Spring morning with light west winds. I wasnt going to waste it floundering around too long on the land. I needed to get wet and start the day with a bang! A quick few shots of the sunrise and I put the camera in the water housing. Good crew out this morning. Very cosmopolitan as usual for Bondi but also a couple of true locals. Guys like Ian Wallace, the red hot goofy foot who found a few running lefts to carve upon. Bummer I didnt link up with him but thats water shooting. You never know what you get.

Friendly faces paddle past and almost always ask – "You shooting for a website?" "You bet," I reply. "Frothers."  "Oh yeah, cool, I look at that ever day!" They often say. Hearing that makes it all worthwhile. 

Took a shot of a couple of mates, DK and Froth (nice nickname). Froth is the one in boardies. The only guy in boardies!!! What was he thinking? His mate, DK is going in for shoulder surgery today, so its his last surf for a while. Nice to see Huey bless him with a nice day to finish. We wish him good luck and a speedy recovery.

Dont muck around today people, its too nice to waste one second.


Bill Morris

Update 20th September 2011

Strange weather. After a dark purple sunrise it's now blue, hot and sunny. It's only been spring for 3 weeks and already the mercury has hit 30 in the city, last weekend. We’ve also had temps in the mid 20’s regularly since day one of the new season and it's so great to break out the boardies again and banish the daggy track suit pants to winter storage. I hate the cold.

The water, however, is a totally different story. After one of the mildest winters for water temps I can remember, the ocean has finally caught up to a ‘chilling your willy’ 16 degrees! Must be giving those hardy beach swimmers at Bondi an ice cream headache or two! It isn’t so bad paddling around on a surfboard, especially if the sun is shining.

Even more unseasonable are these crazy 30 knot northeasters that are hitting the coast. Last night was blowing a gale! So weird for this time of year! Besides making the surf (and there isn’t much to speak of today) lumpy and bumpy, a strong nor’easter also creates upwelling. It's all to do with the wind pushing the surface water out to sea at right angles and drawing up the colder, nutrient rich water from the bottom in its place. It's great for the fishies but not for us humans. I won't bore you with science but if you are interested to learn about it, click Here.

In other news,  Adventure Film Festival is on all week at the Bondi Pavilion for all you lovers of independent flicks so check it out.


Bill Morris

Update 19th September 2011

Did you have a chance to get in the water this morning? Well, there was no other word for it but sensational.

I know I had a great start to my week soaking in some rays sipping on my morning coffee! Although it's still on the chilly side in the water, with weak little 2ft waves, it was still worth being out there to clean the cobwebs out before a day at the office. The water is crystal clear which means it's clean – perfect for a bay swim or a snorkel at North Bondi. The wind is forecast to pick up from the NE so maybe look for a secluded spot out of the wind if you head down.

Enjoy the day fellow Frothers – Brad

Update 16th September 2011

Another gorgeous day on the southside of the Harbour. You can tell it's Spring. Lots of people up and about, doing their thing and making the most of the last day of the working week. The lucky ones have an RDO and the even luckier people have flexible working hours where they can please themselves, have a surf if it's good, cruise or hit the laptop from home. Working hours are not as regimented anymore these days, especially in Bondi.

The weekend forecast looks amazing weather wise. There are still some waves but the banks are starting to straighten up and the deep gutters we had, left by the last big swell a month or so ago, are making for more close outs and shorter rides. Hopefully we will get another big one soon to form the sand up nicely again. Swell chart is undecided with a larger period tomorrow but dropping in size. I'm tipping 2-3 feet of clean ground swell. Let's see how I go.

If you are after an amazing shooter, Warner Surfboards have a sale on all weekend. If you're interested to know more check out their ad on the the side of the page.

Have a great weekend everyone.

Bill Morris