Struth! What about the cold snap! Makes you want to reach for those Uggies again. I was surfing in boardies on Monday. Well, stand up paddling to tell the truth, but it was mid 30 degrees and blue skies. It was still a little chilly in the water at 18 but it was great for cooling off the heat.

It’s cold and dismal again today. I just managed to snap off a few quick shots at Bronte before the rain forced me to quit and hunt down a coffee. The surf is up but it’s a wind blown mess, with no takers but if you are keen to go for it, you had better wear some rubber because that south east wind isn’t mucking around.

For all those still thinking about having a crack at this years Single Fin Contest at Bondi next Saturday week, you better pull your finger out, as the remaining available spots are now down to 15 and dropping like an Indo full moon low tide!


It should be an amazing day of retro dress up and styling snap backs. Yeew! I can feel that youthful 80’s ITN feeling coming back already!!

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