The surf is a little smaller and marginally better today, thanks to a drop in those strong southerly winds, which are slowly coming around to the east. By Friday, they should be back to the north east again and temps should rise. The cycle of summer winds! North to south, then back to north again. Keeps a surfer on his toes.

I ventured over to “The Bra” yesterday to check out The Girri Girri Sports Day. A youth program run 3 times a year to enhance career education for Aboriginal youth. It was the first time surfing has been included and also, the first time some of the kids have ever seen a beach. Aboriginal pro surfer, Otis Carey and local Southside long board queen, Claire Norman were hands on in getting the kids up and riding. There were some huge smiles and the few showers that came down did nothing to dampen the excitement of taking on the ocean. Click HERE for more.

Well, if you were still thinking about entering “The Single Fin Classic” at Bondi on the 5th November, you thought too long. It’s full! Your only chance now is to turn up on the day and hope there are a few no shows. Good luck!

Have a great day!