Update 22nd November 2011

Since taking the reports daily a few months ago, the web site traffic has increased. We are also getting quite a following on our Facebook page and have a large UK audience who are very enthusiastic and like to comment on our shots. They are always expressing how beautiful it looks here on our beaches and how lucky we are to live here. They sometimes describe how miserable the weather is there and you know they’re not lying. We have it way better down under and I always reflect on those comments whenever it’s a little dreary outside and I’m lacking motivation.

I was thankful it wasn’t raining when I left the house this morning. The streets were wet when I left for the beach and it looked like more rain wasn’t far off. Lately, luck has been with me on the mornings I shoot. Every time I think I am in for a right off, things go my way; the rain holds off or the sun even pops out for a while. This morning I had more luck when some hot groms paddled out, adding a little flare to the small conditions with their little weight, new school turns. The rest of us need a longboard or a fat fish to get though the powerless dribble.

The tiny swell is with us for another day at least. We should see a little bump up in the swell but these beautiful light winds will turn south and it will be quite cool. Keep some rubber handy.



Update 21st November 2011

The wave drought continues today. It's tiny out there and there is nowhere worth recommending today, unless of course your a super flyweight or have a classic old log locked up in the shed. If that's the case then today is your day! Just ask Bec who was ripping this morning at Bondi on her longboard.

We will be left scratching our heads as to what to do in the mornings until Wednesday at least when we should see the south wind stir up the pond and deliver some onshore bumps. Ben Mc from Coastalwatch is saying 3 – 4 ft. Better than nothing! We'll take that.

Top temp of 23 and showers developing they say. You might need your umbrella tomorrow as well. 

The 1st heat of this years Miss Bondi was on yesterday. Bill Kriketos was there to catch some of the action in between beers. 

Have a great day – Brad

Update 18th November 2011

It seems like the population around Bondi and Bronte, has over the last two weeks or so, doubled with Sculptures by the Sea operating around the area. However, the weekend finale of the event is finally here and while it has been a great presentation this year, I think I can hear most of the locals already starting to sing, hallelujah!

So, soon enough the massive skeleton sitting on the ladder will climb down and the giant picture frame that you stood behind and posed for a silly photo, while hordes of people gawked at you, will be gone and the parks and headlands will once again begin to resemble some sort of normality by sometime next week. You will also finally be able to find a parking spot close to the beach again! Well, maybe not, but the runners on the coastal track should have the smiles on their dials back again at least.

Nice little waves again this morning, with the emphasis on ‘little’. It doesn’t look too promising either with more small waves on the menu, as far as the swell charts look at this stage. What swell there is will slowly swing more east, as the wind swings that way as well and will finally settle out of the north for the weekend. Another hot one coming guys so don’t forget your togs and towel. It should at least be nice for a dip.

Play safe out there and have a fabulous weekend!


Update 17th November 2011

Not much chop today, folks. I hope you didn’t get up early to take a sunrise photo this morning. I also hope you didn’t expect to see one here today either because I'm very sorry, it’s not happening. I could pull one out from the files and sometimes, on days like today I get very tempted to do just that but I'm going to man up and stick with what I've shot this morning. I think most of you prefer to see fresh images and whether it's bland or not, at least it's today.

Even though it was raining lightly as I trod the strangely desolate coastal walk from Bronte to Bondi, which has recently been so full of meandering crowds, it was nice to see a few local groms out before school, ripping up the small left and right peak in the centre of Tamarama. As I rounded the headland at Mackenzies and made my way into The Boot, I could see in the distance an older crew of longboarders also out splitting a small peak at South Bondi. Diversity on both sides of the coin.

However, this small surf is becoming a little boring but at least the wind was non existent and that makes it so much nicer. If you are keen to get wet today, a log or a fish will more than likely still get you your fix. There isn’t to much on the radar for swell in the near future unfortunately. So if you normally ride a short, like myself, but feel it’s a struggle in these tiny conditions, the reliance on alternative surf riding craft will continue until we get something more decent. You never know what tomorrow will bring and I will be back in the morning to give you a run down once more before the weekend.

Have a great day!


Update 16th November 2011

Today's report by our guest photogJay Harrison

It's the 5th straight day of crap waves and I get the call up from Frothers HQ to take some photos. Half a foot of good for nothing wind-swell with grey skies, mozzies and flies and I had to get up at 5.30am for less than my day rate. All for the love of photography. Well there was a lot of us out there this morning, more photographers than surfers today.

When I asked The Froth if I could use the Frothers' helicopter to do some aerial shots they told me the 'copter is only for the regular shooters and to go stand on a cliff and shoot downwards…. so I did that. Anyway, no blue water barrels and hot girls basking in the sun today. Just a bunch of underexposed arty photos (damn auto exposure), with Sculptures by the Sea and some other stuff. BTW have you seen the most expensive photograph ever? Check it HEREAndreas Gursky, $4,338,500 at a Christie's, that's right the Rhein 2 fetched over 4 million and is 1 of 6 copies. So get in quick to the Frothers Gallery and get yourself a print before they get ridiculously expensive.

No surf for a while so check out this Vid of Tom Whitaker and mates from a memorable swell this winter. Have a good one! Jay

Ps – Sorry for the late report. I'll be quicker next time!