Today's report by our guest photogJay Harrison

It's the 5th straight day of crap waves and I get the call up from Frothers HQ to take some photos. Half a foot of good for nothing wind-swell with grey skies, mozzies and flies and I had to get up at 5.30am for less than my day rate. All for the love of photography. Well there was a lot of us out there this morning, more photographers than surfers today.

When I asked The Froth if I could use the Frothers' helicopter to do some aerial shots they told me the 'copter is only for the regular shooters and to go stand on a cliff and shoot downwards…. so I did that. Anyway, no blue water barrels and hot girls basking in the sun today. Just a bunch of underexposed arty photos (damn auto exposure), with Sculptures by the Sea and some other stuff. BTW have you seen the most expensive photograph ever? Check it HEREAndreas Gursky, $4,338,500 at a Christie's, that's right the Rhein 2 fetched over 4 million and is 1 of 6 copies. So get in quick to the Frothers Gallery and get yourself a print before they get ridiculously expensive.

No surf for a while so check out this Vid of Tom Whitaker and mates from a memorable swell this winter. Have a good one! Jay

Ps – Sorry for the late report. I'll be quicker next time!