Not much chop today, folks. I hope you didn’t get up early to take a sunrise photo this morning. I also hope you didn’t expect to see one here today either because I'm very sorry, it’s not happening. I could pull one out from the files and sometimes, on days like today I get very tempted to do just that but I'm going to man up and stick with what I've shot this morning. I think most of you prefer to see fresh images and whether it's bland or not, at least it's today.

Even though it was raining lightly as I trod the strangely desolate coastal walk from Bronte to Bondi, which has recently been so full of meandering crowds, it was nice to see a few local groms out before school, ripping up the small left and right peak in the centre of Tamarama. As I rounded the headland at Mackenzies and made my way into The Boot, I could see in the distance an older crew of longboarders also out splitting a small peak at South Bondi. Diversity on both sides of the coin.

However, this small surf is becoming a little boring but at least the wind was non existent and that makes it so much nicer. If you are keen to get wet today, a log or a fish will more than likely still get you your fix. There isn’t to much on the radar for swell in the near future unfortunately. So if you normally ride a short, like myself, but feel it’s a struggle in these tiny conditions, the reliance on alternative surf riding craft will continue until we get something more decent. You never know what tomorrow will bring and I will be back in the morning to give you a run down once more before the weekend.

Have a great day!