It seems like the population around Bondi and Bronte, has over the last two weeks or so, doubled with Sculptures by the Sea operating around the area. However, the weekend finale of the event is finally here and while it has been a great presentation this year, I think I can hear most of the locals already starting to sing, hallelujah!

So, soon enough the massive skeleton sitting on the ladder will climb down and the giant picture frame that you stood behind and posed for a silly photo, while hordes of people gawked at you, will be gone and the parks and headlands will once again begin to resemble some sort of normality by sometime next week. You will also finally be able to find a parking spot close to the beach again! Well, maybe not, but the runners on the coastal track should have the smiles on their dials back again at least.

Nice little waves again this morning, with the emphasis on ‘little’. It doesn’t look too promising either with more small waves on the menu, as far as the swell charts look at this stage. What swell there is will slowly swing more east, as the wind swings that way as well and will finally settle out of the north for the weekend. Another hot one coming guys so don’t forget your togs and towel. It should at least be nice for a dip.

Play safe out there and have a fabulous weekend!