Since taking the reports daily a few months ago, the web site traffic has increased. We are also getting quite a following on our Facebook page and have a large UK audience who are very enthusiastic and like to comment on our shots. They are always expressing how beautiful it looks here on our beaches and how lucky we are to live here. They sometimes describe how miserable the weather is there and you know they’re not lying. We have it way better down under and I always reflect on those comments whenever it’s a little dreary outside and I’m lacking motivation.

I was thankful it wasn’t raining when I left the house this morning. The streets were wet when I left for the beach and it looked like more rain wasn’t far off. Lately, luck has been with me on the mornings I shoot. Every time I think I am in for a right off, things go my way; the rain holds off or the sun even pops out for a while. This morning I had more luck when some hot groms paddled out, adding a little flare to the small conditions with their little weight, new school turns. The rest of us need a longboard or a fat fish to get though the powerless dribble.

The tiny swell is with us for another day at least. We should see a little bump up in the swell but these beautiful light winds will turn south and it will be quite cool. Keep some rubber handy.