G'day from Perth. The last few days have been very dark and stormy, but there have been a couple of small waves around on the City beachies.

You see Rottnest Island is about 10 miles offshore and it blocks most of the available swell from the Perth City beachies. It is sort of like what Wedding Cake Island does to Coogee but on a much larger scale. In saying that if the swell outside is big enough and cranked right up the locals often enjoy a little slab or two.

In case you missed the surf check at home this morning. You have waves. 3 – 4ft of SE swell in fact. So get out there or try and knock off work early. 

I'm heading off to sea today. I'll be cruising around Rottnest Island and the SW coast of WA for the next couple of weeks during the festive season. I'm hoping to score a few waves myself, eat some crayfish and do some diving. So if you don't hear from me that's where I'll be. At work!