The sun is shining right now! Dark grey early with no sunrise at all, before thinning and popping out at 8 am. The surf is still tiny but there is a buzz in the air about what's coming. It may even start to arrive right on Xmas Day. How exciting! There is nothing like paddling around for the late in a rising swell, while trying to keep down a massive Xmas lunch!

If you are looking at teaching your children some ocean awareness these holidays or you already have surf competent kids but want to take their level up a notch, Oceanfit are running some programs through January called “Oceankids”. Check it out.

It wont be long now before the wrapping paper is torn away and strewn about the room, making it look like some dump truck has just dropped it’s load at the paper recycling plant! Well, that is how it looks at my place every year after my kids have finished anyway.

Christie, Brad and I would like to wish you all a very Merry Xmas and happy New Year. We look forward to bringing you more spectacular images in 2012.

See you on the other side!