I didn't quite bound out of bed with a spring in my step this morning – it was more like a slow crawl out the door. I wasn't particularly hopeful on what this gloomy day would bring. But, it's funny how great moments happen when least expected.

As I trudged down towards the big blue I ran into one of my best mates, Luke Stewart, bumping my day up a notch. Our crew use to surf Tama everyday it was worth surfing, but these days team surfs are few and far between – Usually reserved for bucks days or the like. With juggling careers, kids and all that adult life throws at you, getting the crew together is becoming increasingly rare.

As I watched and waited for Luke to throw buckets at Bondi, Christie gave me a call from Tama saying that a pod of dolphins were rallying for an airshow. Once at Tama, my day took another huge leap upwards as the dolphins performed their best tricks for the dozen or so surfers and the gathered crowd of coastalwalk spectators. Maybe we should be more like the dolphins, taking time out of our industrious lives to hang out together in the surf?

There are a few waves around but it's not exactly cranking. We have an E swell hitting the wobbly 2 – 3ft mark with calm conditions. Bondi looked ok, 2nd ramp with a right running off the famous Backpacker's rip. Tama could be the go on the lower tide. Rain and thunder are forecast today with a top temp of 23. Lucky us, tomorrow is Oz Day and the perfect opportunity to get together with your own crew. Enjoy!

Please WATCH this video. One of the best live music performance's I've ever seen by Matt Corby in the Triple J studio.

Adios amigos – Brad