There were a few really nice waves at Bronte for the late session last night. A few crazy slabs that only the better skilled were making and there were some heavy air drop wipeouts too.

Local hero and recently crowned Jim Beam Australian Club Champion, Caleb Reid was ripping last night and this morning, pulling some great aerials. The Bronte boys are on fire right now after their State team win last week. It’s amazing how such a small beach has such great depth in surfing talent. Go Bronte!

This El Nina weather pattern sure has the cloud pouring over our heads regularly this summer and as much as I love the sun, for a photographer, it’s really making for some nice colour in the sky with regularly beautiful sunrise and sunsets. Hopefully this weather pattern will produce a few more cyclones soon as well like they have been predicting.

I stole this little video from our friends at The Beast’s website. Marcus O'Brien is such a talented videographer, I really love his ‘Pure Bronte’ and ‘Hometown Tama’ vid’s he did last year. Check it out!

Have a good one!