Where are the clouds? It’s kind of strange seeing that big orange ball breach the horizon line at the start of the day. I’m not used to squinting, so forgetting my sunnies this morning wasn’t so great on the eyeballs.

There are some clean waves around today as well. I had a little water shoot at Bondi, straight after watching the ‘run, swim, runners’ do their thing during the sunrise at Clovelly. I felt lazy sitting there, watching them run along the break wall, dive in with their shoes on and swim across the bay, run back around and do it over and over again.

Speaking of beautiful Clovelly, the wonderful people at Oceanfit are holding 3 swim events in conjunction down there this Sunday the 26th. Starting with a kids event kicking off at 8am. It will be a great day, with prizes on offer, including a beautiful "3 in 1" framed print that Frothers have donated for a major prize. Get your togs on and get down there! Its going to be a cracker! Click HERE for details.

If you are not making the most of your time at the beach this time of year, you’re off your rocker! It doesn’t get any better – not too hot, the water is magic and the waves are usually starting to come on as we begin to move into an autumn pattern again.

It should be nice for the next 3 days folks, so make sure you get amongst it!